Have you booked the Delta Airlines flight and forgot to select the seat? You don’t need to worry about things as Delta Airlines allows you to choose the seats at the time of booking and anytime before the scheduled departure. They provide benefits to the elite members and some strict restrictions to the basic economy tickets. If you have purchased the basic economy tickets, you cannot include the seat selection, but some other fare classes may include the same. You can have a look at the Delta Airlines seat selection, how the seating works, and the related cost.

What are the Delta Airlines Flight Seat Selection Process?

Delta Airlines utilizes a variety of cabin classes and seats, such as economy, first class, premium select and the Delta One. They allow you to choose the seats at the time of booking, and after that by paying a certain cost. Upgrade fees are also there that will depend upon the type of flight you are taking. You can have a look at the seating options that will work for your destination.

  • Delta Airlines seating options

Are you looking for comfortable seats on the journey? The seating options and availability will depend upon the type of ticket you purchased with Delta. Passengers know about the Delta Airlines flight seating options that are available as per the ticket type.

  • Basic economy seats:

No doubt, there are multiple restrictions on the basic economy seats of Delta. In this type of seats are randomly assigned to the passengers at the time of booking and at check-in. If you reserve a basic economy flight ticket early, you must get the specific seat at least seven days before the scheduled departure to avoid any hassles. Families and groups traveling together can predict being split up when purchasing a basic economy ticket.

  • Main cabin seats:

The main cabin has regular economy seats you can purchase as a free seat selection. You can also upgrade to premium select seats on Delta with some of the additional perks.

  • Preferred seats: These are the seats on the front row of the plane or at the exit rows. Main cabin seats are the low-fare upgrades to any of the higher classes according to availability.
  • Comfort Plus: Comfort Plus passengers can access more legroom and get multiple offers along with the overhead bin space. Also, passengers will get complimentary wine and beer on all the operating flights. The upgrade cost can be higher than the main cabin seats.
  • Premium select seats: With wider seats and improved recline, earlier boarding, two free checked bags, and premium amenities, Premium Select is Delta’s take on premium economy. Any seat in the main cabin is available to Premium Select customers without charging an additional price.
  • Delta first class and One: Holders of first-class and Delta One tickets are free to select any seat inside their cabin. These roomy seats include priority boarding, two complimentary checked bags, premium meals and snacks, and a personal flight attendant.

Delta Airlines Seat Selection for Elite Members

Passengers who have joined the Delta Skymiles program can earn the elite status and miles that they can use in the next reservation. They get the following benefits on Delta Airlines seat reservations as per the travel type and travel class.

  • The Main Cabin Preferred:

All four categories of elite status members can choose main cabin preferred seats for no extra cost when purchasing main cabin tickets.

  • Comfort plus:

After purchasing tickets, Platinum and Diamond level elite members are entitled to a free selection of Comfort Plus seats. Low-level Silver members can select from available Comfort Plus seats beginning 24 hours before departure, while mid-level Gold members can choose these seats beginning 72 hours before departure.

How to Choose a Seat on Delta Airlines?

You can find the Delta seats without booking the reservation for the same. The process of Delta selecting seats is very easy as you can do so at reservation or anytime after that.

During booking (Delta plane seating chart):

Passengers are able to pick the seats when booking the flight ticket online at Delta’s website. They automatically prompt you to do so before getting the boarding pass. Therefore, to do so, follow the given simple points:

  • Open the official Delta Airlines website on your device at www.delta.com.
  • On the Delta website, conduct a search for your selected route.
  • You may select from a number of flights on the search results page.
  • You may see the seat map for each flight by choosing “Seats.”
  • After selecting “Seats,” you will be sent to a new page that displays a live glimpse of the seats in your aircraft.
  • The seat map may be viewed as well throughout the booking process. After choosing your flight, you will be sent to another screen where you must choose a seat.
  • Finally, pay for the desired seat according to the seating type, travel dates, and destination.
  • Delta will provide you with the new e-ticket and the confirmation mail.

After booking:

Sometimes, you are not sure about the seating criteria of the airlines at the time of reservation. In this case, you can proceed with Delta Airlines seat selection or alter the booking at the “My Trips” handle on their website. You can log into your account and find the seat selection option under the passenger information.

How Much Does it Cost to Select a Seat with Delta?

According to Delta Airlines, they charge less fees for the seating than the others as they understand the passenger’s flight requirements. They charge the average fee of $15 plus for each flight seat that you need to select. The fees will depend upon the Delta seat request and the ticket type for the journey. Although, you can purchase the premium economy seats to avoid any extra fees.

What is the Preferred Seating on Delta?

Flyers can choose where they want to sit in the Delta aircraft for a memorable flying experience. The seats can be in the exit rows, window, aisle, or front of the plane with no extra cost. However, passengers can use Delta preferred seat credit for the complimentary benefits under the Skymiles program.

These types of seats allow you to access the seats first and deboard the plane before other passengers. You must be medically fit to handle emergency situations.

When do Delta Preferred Seats Open?

Preferred seats are available at the time of booking or flight check-in. These seats are open every time up to one hour prior to the scheduled departure. However, the seats can be subject to the availability and the travel demand.

How do I choose my seat after booking a flight?

Go to Delta.com, select the “My Trips” option, then enter your flight details. Click the Submit button to see your flight details. Select the “Seat Selection” option, and follow the Steps to reserve your desired seat.


For every kind of traveler, Delta offers a choice of ticketing alternatives. This applies to both main cabin tickets for those who wish to know their seats in advance and the extremely constrained basic economy class ticket.

For those in the economy, upgrading to Main Cabin Preferred and Comfort Plus seats gives additional perks. Depending on their status level, loyal SkyMiles members of Delta may also acquire complimentary access to these seats and upgrades to higher classes. If a passenger faces any doubts in Delta Airlines seat assignment, they can call on the toll-free contact number at 1800 123 6645 and communicate with the representative. They will help you to provide the best available seats for the journey.

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