Delta Airlines Group Travel: Ready to Take off with your group

Delta Airlines group specialists customize the flight itineraries of more than 10 passengers in one group. When you get the flight, your booking will be secured, and you can modify the same anytime. Passengers seeking assistance for the group journey with Delta Airlines Group Travel you can book the journey using the form to submit the relevant details. Everyone loves to fly in a group with a travel companion for a memorable experience. Get a comprehensive guide to plan the group journey as described below.

How do I Book a Group Travel Reservation with Delta Airlines?

When you plan your journey to fly in a group, you always find a convenient and cost-effective option. Delta works to provide specialized services to all their passengers traveling for corporate events, large family reunions, get-togethers, etc. Therefore, you can follow a simple process to make the reservation.

Delta Group Travel Booking Process (online):

One of the best ways is to get the reservation online and submit the details. You can get a brief introduction to Delta group travel in the following process.

  • Firstly, you must open the official web page of Delta Airlines at
  • With this, you can proceed to the group travel page from the “traveling with us.”
  • At there, you will see the group request form, which you need to open.
  • You need to provide the group details like the contact, coordinator, SkyMiles, group type, etc.
  • After that, enter the customer information, travel details, and any special requests on the journey.
  • You must attach the necessary group travel documents and quote the relevant special price.
  • At last, submit the form and receive the confirmation mail.
  • When they receive the request, they will give you the group booking details or contact you shortly.

Delta Group Travel on the Phone (offline):

You can avoid the online process and get the reservation directly with the customer service team. You must dial the Delta Airlines Group Travel number at 800-532-4777 to contact the representative. They are open from Monday to Friday between 8:00 am to 8:00 pm EST. Customer experts will help you to get the best-preferred seat for the group and seat together on the plane.

Important things to know about Delta Airlines group travel:

Before getting the group reservation, you must be aware of certain rules and guidelines for smooth travel.

  • One of the first rules is that your group must be of 10 or more than 10 passengers to fly to any location.
  • Fares of the Delta Airlines group travel are non-refundable, but you may get the vouchers for any cancellation.
  • You can book the group journey from 240 to 331 days in advance before the scheduled departure.
  • There are some restrictions on group travel, which you can check online at their website according to the route, type, and fare class.
  • There must be a group coordinator of age more than 18 years that can handle the group properly till the de-boarding.
  • If you cancel the reservation for one traveler, then the entire group journey will be canceled.

How Does Delta Group Travel Work?

Group travel with Delta works in the simple process that you can follow to get the flight


  • Open the Delta Airlines Website:

First and foremost, open the Delta Airlines website and proceed to the Delta Airlines group travel section. At there, you will find the complete information about the group and their related guidelines.

  • Fill out the Group Request Form:

At the group request form, you need to provide the details such as travel, passengers, destination, and any special requests. However, you can provide some unique requirements for the group, if any.

  • Get a Quote:

When you submit the form, a representative at Delta Airlines will contact you shortly. They will tailor the quote and provide a competitive fare for the reservation.

  • Review and Confirm:

You must go through all the information provided by the representative associated with the quote. You can pay the relevant prices and get the confirmation mail when you confirm the details.

  • Seat Together:

Delta Airlines always ensures that your group must be seated together according to the availability on the plane. You can take their help for any further adjustments for the group travel delta before their scheduled departure.

  • Advantages of Delta Group Booking

There are plenty of benefits to booking a group reservation for your journey. Airlines help you to get the preferred travel according to your needs and customize the trip. Some of the key benefits of Delta Airlines group booking are as follows.

  • Competitive Fares:

You don’t need to pay a higher amount for the separate reservation of all the passengers. In the group, airlines give you the package and the huge Delta group travel discounts for the reservation. You will always get competitive prices that are cheaper than any other airline.

  • Flexible Ticketing Option:

Airlines have a flexible ticketing option where you can change or cancel the journey anytime before the scheduled departure. You don’t need to pay any higher amount for the reservation.

  • Easy Booking Process:

Passengers can confirm the booking with a snap of a finger as you only need to visit the Delta website or talk to the representative. They allow you to book the flight ticket in the shortest time period as the executive will assist you appropriately.

  • Time Saving:

You can easily save your efficiency and time by booking the flight tickets separately for each of the passengers. In the group, you just need to add the number of passengers and the fare for the journey.

  • Reward Bookings:

You can use the collected/earned miles in the booking if you are a frequent flyer member. All you need to do is add the miles/points in the Delta Group Booking to save the incredible prices. Also, you can join the mileage program to avail the huge benefits.

How Far in Advance Delta Airlines Group Travel can be Booked?

Passengers who wish to get the preferred seats in the group journey can book the Delta Airlines group tickets 240 days prior to the scheduled departure. With this, you will be entitled to various discounts for the destination.

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