Does Air Canada Offer Group Discounts?

Planning a holiday and collecting wonderful memories with your group is always fun. However, it comes with a cost. Therefore, you can consider booking Air Canada group travel if flight cost is a concern for you.

You can also book Air Canada vacations and discover packages for some selected destinations. It not only covers the flight but also hotel, transfer and other things that complete a holiday.

So, when you are travelling with 10 or more passengers from the same place to a common destination, an Air Canada group ticket is the best option. To learn in detail, you can go through the below article properly.

Air Canada Group Ticket – Terms and Conditions

You can book a group ticket with Air Canada only when you fulfill the below requirements:

  • You are traveling with 10 or more people from the same destination to the same destination.
  • Similarly, you can book a group ticket on Air Canada till 11 months in advance.
  • You can pay the partial amount at the time of reservation and remain in the future before departure.
  • Similarly, Air Canada allows you free seat selection at the time of reservation.
  • Further, Air Canada offers one complimentary checked baggage for each passenger.
  • You can avail of the separate Air Canada group check in in some major Canadian Airports, like
  • Air Canada allows you to complete the booking without a passenger name.
  • However, you need to submit the final passenger list before the mentioned limit in the confirmation mail.

For detailed group travel policies, please go through the airline website.

How to Book A Group Ticket When You are Travelling Separately?

On understanding the Air Canada group travel policies you must be thinking what if people in a group flying from different destinations to the common destination. You do not need to worry! Air Canada has options for you.

You can consider booking a group ticket through the Meetings and Events program of Air Canada. So, whether you want to plan a business convention, sport tour and destination wedding, you can avail the option.

Further, you can avail this benefit to travel inside North America and other international destinations.

How Does the Meeting and Events Program Work?

You need to follow the below process to book a group holiday under Meeting and Events:

  • First, there must be over 10 people flying from different origins to the same destination.
  • Further, you need to register for meetings and events programs.
  • Then, you can choose from Air Canada destinations.
  • Later, Air Canada will share a contract mentioning the discount code and percentage.

Note: Discount rate depends on the fare class you purchase.

  • Discount rate applicable on your fare class
  • When you purchase a standard fare: 5 percent
  • When you purchase flex fares and up: 10 percent or more for traveling within North America
  • When you purchase standard fares and up (International flight) : 10 percent
  • When you buy a business class fares: 12 percent
  • When you buy business class lowest: 5 percent

Benefits of Meetings and Events Program

  • Reduced fares: You can save a lot on your group ticket.
  • Easy Registration: You can easily manage your guest registration in simple steps.
  • Simple Booking Process: Booking a group ticket is very simple when you secure it under the Air Canada Meetings and Events program.
  • Cover more in less: you can explore 200+ destinations with Air Canada.
  • Easy to Track: You can easily track your reservation by sharing the code at

Does Air Canada Also Provide Group Vacations Packages?

Yes. You can take benefit of Air Canada Vacations and check packages for destinations like

  • Canada,
  • Mexico and the Caribbean,
  • Europe,
  • Las Vegas, and
  • The United States

So, you get the freedom to reserve not only the flight but the entire package, including flight, hotel, transfer, etc.

Accordingly, Air Canada currently provides vacation packages under the following programs.

Book Winter Early

Under this, Air Canada is offering you to book a vacation package for winter in advance. However, you must have over 10 people to travel with you. Therefore, you will get

  • Discount of $250 per passenger
  • Free checked baggage( only for 1st) and
  • Many more

It is valid only on vacation packages to selected destinations like

  • Mexico
  • The Caribbean
  • Central America

Also, you can use it to choose flight and hotel packages to Hawaii.

Note: jadword You can reserve your journey between April 2024 and July 2024 to fly between November 2024 and April 2025.

Price Drop Guarantee

You can reserve a group vacation when you have a minimum of 10 people. Under this, Air Canada offers you a price adjustment( once per passenger). However, you may need to pay the following amount:

  • When you are 18+: upto $ 200 per passenger
  • For child: $100 per child

Note: Air Canada will provide the price adjustment only when the price decreases 60 days before the flight.

Further, you can avail this option to buy tour packages to

  • Mexico,
  • The Caribbean,
  • Central America and
  • Europe

However, you can book this only till October 2024 for travel till December 2025.

Group Care

Air Canada offers this option to secure your group travel. The airline gives you a special benefit for $49 per passenger when you have a minimum of 30 people( 15 rooms).

  • You can cancel your ticket for a full refund or Free of cost changes when 60 days are there for flight.
  • You can use this option only to book vacation to
    The Caribbean and
    Central America

Note: You can use it for departure till December 2025.

Hold Your Group

Air Canada provides this flexible option to its passengers. Therefore, you can submit $500 and block space for 20 more people without any deposit. However, the above amount is nonrefundable.

Further, it is applicable to destinations like

  • Mexico, and
  • The Caribbean

Destination Weddings

Are you thinking of a destination wedding? However, a thought that how you will carry a large group in budget, driving you crazy? Then, Air Canada is here to help you.

You can choose from Air Canada amazing destination wedding resorts, which provide the following:

  • Reduced prices or no cost for
  • Wedding or
  • Honeymoon packages
  • Separate coordinator to help with weddings at the resort.
  • On-site spa

Note: For all the vacation programs mentioned above, you can check out the detailed terms and conditions here:


So, whether you are travelling for fun, sports, business or any other reason, Air Canada group travel is an ideal option for you. Using the above information, you can get the most out of your group vacations. So, whether you are flying from the same origin or different, until your destination is the same, you can book an Air Canada group ticket. Contact the airline representative if you need help anytime.