What are the Best Things to Do In Miami?

Miami is a Beautiful City known for its Beautiful beaches, various cultures, and amazing nightlife. Whether you are a visitor or a local, there is always something to explore in this Magic City.

From Music Festivals, Art, and museums to exploring the night lights, Here are the Best Things to Do In Miami that can make your trip more exceptional. Take a look and note the things that you don’t want to miss out on during your visit to Miami.

List of Top Things to Do In Miami

  • Miami Ultra Music Festival
  • Celle Ocho Miami Street Festival
  • Fleurs de Villes Exibition
  • Perez Art Museum
  • Art Deco District
  • Vizcaya Museam And Garden
  • Fair Child Tropical Botanical Garden
  • Shark Encounter at the Frost Science

Miami Ultra Music Festival

It is Miami’s most steadfast rave festival, which can deliver massive techno, hard-hitting EDM, and Dance music in the downtown of Miami every year. It is also called the electronic Music festival. Tourist across the world comes to Miami to enjoy the beats, and you can enjoy it.

  • Why you should Go: This is the best fest, that attracts thousands of fans from around the globe, it is a three-day fest that you can enjoy and have the over-the-top party vibes.
  • Why you don’t Miss: This year’s headliners that are lined up are Alan Walker, David Guetta, Martin Garrix, Calvin Haris Steve Akoi, and many more. So, if you want to experience the best DJ and music, then do not miss this opportunity.

Ticket Price: Early Birds: $299 plus.

Celle Ocho Miami Street Festival

The Celleo Ocho is a Street festival that has some live performances; you can drink, have fun, dance, and enjoy the live performance. In this street fair, thousands of people get together around the iconic 15 blocks to celebrate the Latin Pride.

Why you should go: Because it is the World’s largest music festival, if you join this, you will enjoy the best musical stages, international foods, and entertainment for families and friends.
Why you don’t Miss: The Duo Gente de Zona is going to perform and, this year, Kings of Carnaval. The full concert has lined up.

Ticket Price: Free

Fleurs de Villes Exibition

The Bal Harbour shop is blooming as the Fleurs de Villes, and it is covered with thousands of fresh flowers, that are designed by the top florists. You can enjoy taking pictures and exploring the beautiful place.

  • Why you should go: Dozens of mannequins will be displayed, each inspired by the famous female artist like Georgia O’Keeffe.
  • Why you don’t miss: you should go have fun take pictures and roam around with your friends. And there will be a special event throughout the installation of the Mannequin so you can enjoy that as well.

Ticket Fee: Free

Perez Art Museum

In this Museum, you will see modern artwork, with a collection of Top artists such as Robert Rauschenberg and James Rosenquist, and some traveling exhibitions. This is a Young Musim and a worthwhile Visit.

  • Why you should go: it is a family-friendly Art Program, and on every second Saturday of the month, it is free.
  • Why you don’t miss: you will explore the hands-on activities and inspired work that is displayed. If you are an art lover, don’t miss the opportunity to see the museum.

Ticket Fee: For children, ages 0-6 Free, for ages 7-18 the fee is $14 and for adults $18.

Fair Child Tropical Botanical Garden

This botanical garden is one of Florida’s Natural jewels, and it is an 83-acre garden. It is filled with lush greenery, a rainforest with a stream, dramatic vistas, and a museum of plant Exploration.

  • Why you should go: winter time is the best time to visit the Fairchild, the beautiful weather, you can explore the beautiful and natural sprawling tropical land.
  • Why you don’t miss: you will see the Orchid Bloom of the most coveted Flower.

Ticket Fee: For children is free, and for adults is $24.95

Art Deco District

It is another best places for art lovers, located in South Beach. This is famously known for the Italian fashion and designers. It is also an old-fashioned building that lights up at night time.

  • Why you should go: If you want to see beautiful art at night with amazing lights, then this is for you.
  • Why you don’t miss: There is so much to see and do here. Learn about the history and iconic buildings.

Ticket Fee: Ranges From $40 to $45

Vizcaya Museam And Garden

Walk the Magnificent Vizcaya Museum And Garden, it is an Italian Renaissance-style villa in between the lush. Its landscape garden and bayfront terrace are a house itself. And it spread to 43 acres.

  • Why you should go: Vizaya is a home for Instagram lovers. This place is insta-worthy, and the floors and the stairs attract tourists to capture the background.
  • Why you don’t miss: there, you will see the weekend Farmer markets and a $5 wellness class.

Ticket Fee: For minors (under 5) free. For Children aged 6 to 12 $10

Shark Encounter at the Frost Science

The Frost Science is a museum that has four buildings, the Aquarium, the planetarium, and the west & north Wings. It is a round exhibition that attracts all age groups.

  • Why you should go: you will explore the Gulf Stream aquarium which has all types of sea creatures and it hold the monthly laser light shows.
  • Why you don’t miss: you will see the sea creatures very closely and understand them better.

Ticket Fee: $24 for children, and adults $29.95

Summing it Up

There is no shortage of the best things to do in Miami. Miami is a dream city that offers various things to do and explore around the year. To explore the city you may require 4-5 days that will allow you to make the most of your Trip. This way you can enjoy the art, Museum and parties with the music. So take it easy, relax, and have Fund in the City with your friends and Family.