How To Reserve A Multi-City Flight On Delta?

Suppose you wish to fly to your dream destination but have multiple destinations on your bucket list. Delta airlines multi city reservations are perfect for traveling overseas with multiple stopovers in a single reservation.

Without breaking the bank, it allows you to manifest everlasting memories to multiple dream destinations. If You want to know how do I book multi-city flights on Delta for your imminent trip, keep reading the subheadings below. 

How to Book Multiple Stop Flights with Delta Airlines

You can opt for multi-city flights to get off some slack from air travel. It allows you to have multiple legs in an individual booking. You can easily book a flight with multiple flight segments via and over a phone call.

Steps to Booking a Delta Multi-City Flight

  • Visit Delta Airlines’ official site.
  • Sign into your account with a verified username or password.
  • Take your cursor to the “Book a Flight” section.
  • Selecting trip type “multi-city” option.
  • Fill out the number of passengers, necessary details, travel dates, and departure or arrival destination.
  • Then, click and select the suitable flight segment of your travel.
  • Fill out the necessary details and Select the fare type.
  • To add more flight segments, follow the on-screen prompts.
  • You can select a flight option that best suits your budget.
  • You also select the seat class, basic economy, comfort first class & Delta premium select.
  • Select the payment method, and enter the bank details.
  • Finish the payment process.

Via Phone Call

  • If you’re confronting an issue while managing your multi-city booking, the team of customer service representatives will help you in no time.
  • Dial the contact number 1 (800) 221-1212 (toll-free) to connect expedited assistance in real-time.
  • If speaking with a live agent doesn’t work out, you can write down an email addressing your concern or send it to airline authorities.

Benefits of Booking Multiple Flights with Delta

Are you wondering whether to reserve multi-city flights or a chain of multiple one-way flights for individual trips? To get a better understanding of Delta multi-city flights booking, go through the key pointers below-

  • If you’re holding Delta multi-city flights, you can make several adjustments to your flight itinerary without incurring charges.
  • You’re allowed to select your seat ahead of time for a better flying experience free of cost.
  • The team of customer service representatives will provide you with expedited assistance.
  • Delta Airlines gives you priority boarding to make the airport process a breeze without any hassle.

Is Delta Multi-City Flight More Expensive Than Round-Trip?

Delta multi-city flight is often more affordable than booking a chain of several round-trip tickets. It allows you to book multiple flight segments with stopovers in a single reservation. If you’re on a tight budget but wish to explore your dream destination, then you may consider booking a Delta multi-city flight.

When Should I Book a Delta Multi-City Flight?

The major aspect of booking a Delta multi-city flight is that they’re already cutting off much slack from your air travel. But still, you can make it a more cost-effective deal for yourself. To do so, you must plan a trip during the off-season.

Because flying during a peak season means you’ll get expensive fares due to the demand, so it’s hard for you to find affordable deals. Please note that reserve your flight tickets in advance for 3 to 4 months to ensure you’ll get reasonable fares with seat availability.

Can I Use SkyMiles to Book a Delta Multi-City Flight?

Yes, Delta Airlines lets passengers redeem their earned miles by booking a flight ticket or using them for upgrades on their flight. So you can easily use SkyMiles to book a Delta multi-city flight following the instructions below-

  • To do so, visit and click on the Book a Flight tab.
  • Then, enter the necessary details, travel dates, departure or arrival airports, or other flight segments.
  • After that, Scroll down and select the show with miles options and follow the on-screen prompts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Delta Multi-City Flight Considered a Round-Trip?
No, there’s a huge difference between multi-city and round-trip flights. You can book a flight ticket to multiple cities in a single reservation in multi-city flights. But round-trip allows you to book a flight ticket from one destination to another and then return the ticket to the same point.
Is it More Expensive to Book a Delta Multi-City Flight?
No, the multi-city flight is normally more affordable than reserving a series of one-way flights to multiple destinations.
What Day Is the Best to Book Multi-City Flights?
To get cost-effective fares for multi-city flights, be flexible with your travel dates and book at least 3 to 4 months in advance. Because after a certain time frame, the airline raises flight fares.
How to Check Delta Multi-City Flight Availability?
If you want to book a multi-destination flight, consider visiting the Delta website to check availability first. On the homepage, click the “book a flight” tab to Check the Delta multi-city flight availability.