Booking a group trip can sometimes be annoying. However, you need not to worry. We are here to put forth a comprehensive guide on Emirates airlines group booking process. Whether you are going for a corporate meeting, family, or a school trip, with Emirates Airlines, you can effortlessly book flights for a large number of people in one go.

Methods of Booking a Group flight with Emirates Airlines

Emirates Airlines offers multiple methods to book a group trip. To know about all the possible ways of booking Group Travel tickets, follow the details mentioned below:

Group Booking through Online Form

Below is the step-by-step guide to securing a group excursion with Emirates leveraging the online method:

  • Visit Emirates Airlines‘ official website.
  • Go to the flight booking option and choose “Group Booking”.
  • Now tap on ‘emirates group booking form’ and enter your details like:
    – First name
    – Last name
    – Email
    – Phone number
    – Emirates Skywards number (optional)
    – Country of Residence (optional)
  • Now enter your booking reference number.
  • Then fill in the departure and arrival airport
  • Tap on proceed and enter the number of passengers.
  • After that, fill a box by writing special requirements if any.
  • Then tap on the “I confirm all the details” option.
  • Submit and get a Group quote.
  • If you agree with the quote and flight, tap on ‘confirm’.
  • At last, make the payment.

By following the above steps, your Emirates group booking online procedure will be the smoothest ever. Emirates will send you a confirmation mail post completion of the group reservation process.

Group Booking by Calling a Representative

  • For group reservations with Emirates, dial the Emirates Group Travel Phone Number +97-142-748-409 or +1-802-231-1806 and talk to the agent.
  • Ask the representative to book a group trip.
  • Provide your personal and booking details.
  • After that, get the group quote.
  • If you agree with it, proceed further.
  • And, make the payment.
  • At last, an Emirates Airlines customer service representative will send you a confirmation of your group booking.

What are the Emirates Booking Requirements for group trips?

Emirates group booking requirements are as follows:

  • Before booking, the passenger has to check group eligibility and airport services with Emirates Airlines.
  • Emirates allows group bookings for 10 or more people.
  • Notify the airline 24 hours before departure for special requirements.
  • Notify at least 30 days before departure for specific language requirements.
  • Notify at least 7 days before departure for seat reservations.
  • Notify at least 15 days before departure for personalised menu requests.

Note: If you have 9 or fewer passengers in a group, then proceed with the “Make a Booking” section, as only for 10 or more people, Emirates provides the group reservation form.

How Many Types of Groups Do Emirates Have?

Emirates Airlines has 4 types of groups. To them, special Emirates group fares apply. These are:

  • Hajj and Umrah (Religious Group): These religious groups consist of Muslim pilgrims who travel to holy places while being on a spiritual journey. When you plan to travel in a group for religious occasions like this, Emirates takes care of the group’s needs and preferences, about fares, meals, and other special needs.
  • Educational Groups: This includes school and college trips. Booking a flight for children is not easy, but if you travel with Emirates, the airline can help the teachers enjoy the journey as much as the students.
  • Sports Group: They consist of athletes associated with sports organisations, training camps, and tournaments. Emirates only requires a valid passport and a team flag, the rest of the things are taken care of by the airline.
  • Corporate Groups: This group includes the clients, partners, or employees travelling together for a business meeting or a conference. Emirates takes corporate travel very seriously, as they make sure every group member can reach their destination for the meeting on time with the least stress.

Advantages of Travelling with a Group on Emirates Airlines

Emirates provides its travellers with various benefits so that they can travel with their friends and family hassle-free. The advantages are:

At the Airport

  • Pre-arranged advance check-in for a group
  • Exclusive check-in desk for the group
  • Provides group luggage tags so that you can easily identify your group.
  • Emirates arranges the visa to the UAE, if your group requires it.

On Board

  • Personalised onboard welcome for the group.
  • Group members can sit together
  • A personalised menu for you and your group members.
  • A cabin crew who can speak the group’s language.
  • Prepaid drinks and snacks for group members.
  • Special meals and dietary requirements can be fulfilled by the crew.

Bottom Line

Thus, with Emirates Airlines, your group will have a more comfortable and rewarding travel experience. By following the details mentioned in this blog, and taking advantage of Emirates Airlines Group Booking, we hope you will have the most fulfilling trip experience on your next group tour.

Further, if you need more assistance, reach out to us at “lookflyfares” and get immediate help. We have a dedicated team constituting travel experts who can help you make your reservation seamless.