What are Red Eye Flights, and How to Book Them?

Are you a businessman and don’t want to waste your precious time during air travel? If yes, you can opt for red-eye flights and get a full night’s nap without breaking the bank. It’s an ideal way to save your daytime by departing at night for air travel.

Do you ever reserve a red-eye flight to cut off some slack from air travel? Have you ever wondered why it is referred to as a “red-eye” flight? The answer is foolish because of the struggle to get quality naps at night, hence the flyers cause red eyes.

But flying at night time comes with an extra set of advantages that once you go through it, you’ll probably want to fly on a red-eye flight next time. Let’s take a closer look at why you should choose Red Eye Flights to fly on long-haul flights.

Why Should You Book Red Eye Flights?

Whether you’re a proactive or seasonal traveler, you’ve ever heard of red-eye flight terms while making a reservation. It makes you wonder, what precisely is a red-eye flight, and cons or pros of flying on a red-eye flight? If you wish to learn more about the red-eye flight and what to expect, keep reading the subheading below-

Merits or Demerits of Red Eye Flights

While flying on a red-eye flight, there are several merits or demerits, so before making a final decision, go through with it.To level up your late-night flying experience, it’ll depend on a few aspects, it includes which airline you’re flying with or how well you’re into sleeping inflight.

Merits of Red-Eye Flights

  • If you’ve no issue with taking a nap onboard, consider booking red-eye flights for your imminent trip.
  • It is an ideal option for business travelers who don’t prefer losing precious time during air travel.
  • It can be a good deal for backpackers and passengers flying on a tight budget to fly overseas without breaking the bank.
  • In case you’re flying in business class, it means you’re paying for the accommodation for the night.
  • You’ll get a convertible lie-flat seat, which means you’re flying on a red-eye flight without getting red eyes.
  • Undoubtedly, red-eye flights are typically less congested even though the airport is also quieter at night.
  • If you don’t select your seat in advance, you may get a preferred seat because most flyers avoid flying on a red-eye flight.

Demerits of Red-Eye Flights

  • If you’re flying on a red-eye flight, the biggest demerit is difficulty napping onboard due to flight turbulence.
  • In case you get a last-row or middle seat at the time of check-in, you may struggle to get quality naps at night.
  • However, red-eye flight passengers may struggle to get quality naps or wake up early in the morning, which can cause tiredness and sleeplessness.
  • Even some airlines don’t provide food & beverages service on a red-eye flight, making the air travel experience less pleasant.
  • While flying on a red-eye flight, you may arrive at your destination super early, but it’s not fortunate for those who have to wait for the cab service or check into a hotel.
  • It’s quite overwhelming to wait around an airport in a sleepy mood.

What are the Operating Hours of Red-Eye Flights?

Red-eye flight is an ideal way to travel overseas without breaking the bank. Generally, a red-eye flight means that one departs late at night and arrives at the destination super early in the morning. A red-eye flight typically departs after 10 pm and reaches the destination by morning 6 to 7 am. Remember, you’ll be on the air overnight while on a red-eye flight.

Popular Red Eye Flight Routes

A red-eye flights take off from the West Coast at night and reach the East Coast cities early morning. However, there are several sought-after domestic routes on red-eye flights within the US.

Generally, the flight between East Coast to West Coast cities within the US may be considered the most common red-eye flight route.

For instance, most of the flyers reserve red-eye flights from Boston to New York on the carrier, including Delta, Allegiant, Alaska, United, American, Spirit, and JetBlue Airways.

How Do You Prepare For a Red-Eye Flight?

Indeed, getting ready for a red-eye flight can be quite a daunting experience because you’ve to spend a night in a flight seat. There are several things to cope with before taking a red-eye flight, such as a flight seat, what to pack, and comfy clothes. Check out the tips below to make your red-eye flight experience pleasant-

Reserve a Preferred Window Seat Ahead of Time

If you wish to get a pleasant sleep inflight, select a desired window in advance at the time of booking. It’ll minimize your sleep interruptions and give you space to stretch out or lean against. You don’t have to make some space every time the person next to you needs to use the washroom.

Wear a Comfy Outfit on The Plane

To get a comfortable and pleasant air travel experience, wear a comfy outfit on the plane, such as baggy, loose-fitting, breathable fabric, and puffy or nylon fabric. You can even bring some extra pairs of socks in a carry-on bag if your paws get cold mid-flight.

Carry Sleeping Essentials

While flying on a red-eye flight, it’s best to carry some sleeping tools, a cozy blanket, a pillow, and a scarf to roll up around your neck through air travel. In addition, airline blankets and pillows are not the most comfortable and may cause discomfort.

Avoid Coffee or Alcoholic Drinks on Board.

It is an essential rule to fly on red-eye flights, but some flyers avoid it and presume to sip coffee or wine onboard will help you get instant sleep. It may give you instant rest, but you’ll be totally dehydrated when you wake up

Remember to Carry a Headphones

Even some airlines don’t provide entertainment systems on the red-eye flight, so it’s best to carry a pair of noise-canceling headphones. It may help you avoid any interruptions the person next to you makes during air travel and flight turbulence. To get a pleasant sleep, play a comfy song playlist on Spotify for a good night’s rest.

How Do You Get a Red-Eye Flight Deal?

Red-eye flights can be a budget-friendly option for passengers to cut off some slack from flight expenses. If you don’t find exclusive deals on day flights, there may be a few chances you’ll get cost-effective airfares on red-eye flights.

While booking a red-eye flight, reserve your flight at least 3 to 4 months before the scheduled departure date. There are several other aspects to flying on an overnight flight, such as less crowded flights and cheap airfares.


Hopefully, you’ll get all the information about red-eye flights and how to handle them in the mentioned subheadings. So book your red-eye flight and get the most out of your air travel without any hindrance.