Does Spirit Airlines have a Group Travel?

Traveling in a Group is the Best Option for those who are planning to travel with their Loved ones, Whether with family, friends, or going to a Business Meeting, Spirit Airlines Group Travel provides equal fares for each passenger.

To ensure that the passenger traveling in a group can get an easy booking, Spirit Airlines has Group travel options that are the same for all Passengers. To know more about it, read the guidelines mentioned below.

Spirit Airlines Rules and Guidelines for Group Travel

  • The passengers who are traveling in a group of 10 then they can get the benefits of group Booking.
  • The group booking can only be done when you complete the request for booking.
  • The Airline takes 3 working days to complete your request.
  • When the booking is made in a group, then a simple passenger can not cancel their flight.
  • For the group booking, the Airline will charge $40 when there are 60 days left for the departure.
  • For those who are booking their Flight with a nonrefundable ticket, the Airline will charge $5 For booking.
  • For the name change on the booking, because you misspelled the airline will charge $50.

Therefore, fill out the Group travel form to request the group booking because, without this, you cannot proceed with booking; form you will find it on the official website of Spirit Airlines, fill it out, and take advantage.

Who will get the Group Booking on Spirit Airlines?

Those who have a group of 10 people and travel together with the same itinerary can join the Group Travel Program, this Program helps the booking easy. Moreover, the passengers can get more discount on Group Booking rather than booking a single flight.

Important: The Program Offers the same price for Every member of the Group, and the amount quoted is confirmed for 24 hours.

How Many Group Boarding Zones Does Spirit Have?

Spirit Airlines has different Boarding groups, and these groups work according to the different choices of the customers. If you want to know or are confused about it, then note Spirit Airlines has a Priority Boarding for travelers who are traveling in business or higher classes. Other than this, the Airlines have 4 boarding Zones/Groups, and these are as follows:

The Spirit Airlines Boarding Zones are:

  • Zone 1: For gold Elite Members
  • Zone 2: Silver Elite Members
  • Zone 3: For those sitting on the back of the plane.
  • Zone 4: for those sitting on the front of the plane.

Those who have a disability or require special Assistance can board early as the Airline provides an Early boarding facility.

How Can I Book Group Travel on Spirit Airlines?

Spirit Airlines Provides easy and simple steps to book a group Group Travel. By following the steps mentioned below, you can make a group travel so let’s check the steps:

  • Visit the website of Spirit Airlines
  • Go to the Contact Us option and find the Groupo travel
  • Tap on the link and open the Group Travel Form
  • Then, fill in the details as required and continue.
  • Now tap on submit and make payment.

After that, the Airline sends you a confirmation, and the mail also contains the points regarding the group booking. You can also contact the customer service representative if you face an issue.

Can I Book My Spirit Group Travel on a Call?

Yes, if you are unable to book your travel using the online method, then you can call the Airline using the Spirit Airlines group travel Phone Number and get the booking done. To know the Steps, follow the details mentioned Below:

  • Visit the Spirit Airlines website.
  • Go to the Contact Us option and find the number.
  • Then dial that number and listen to IVR Options.
  • Wait to connect and then request a booking.
  • Provide details, number of Passengers, dates, and destination.

After, the agent will make the booking and send you a confirmation on the same number or your email address.

How Early Should I Book Group Travel On Spirit Airlines?

Booking Group Travel Reservations on Spirit well in advance is the best Choice. The Airline allows the passengers to book the reservation 3 to 4 months from the departure date. And making the early booking will help you in getting a discount.

As you make the plan, try to book as early as possible and do not delay in filling out the group Reservation Request Form. Once you reach out to the Airline, they will send you a quote within 3 working days.

What are the Group Travel Benefits of Spirit Airlines?

There are multiple benefits you can get if you are booking your flight with Spirit Airlines; some of the benefits are:

  • The Airline provides confirmed bookings for a group without making full payment for up to 60 days.
  • The group can travel without a Ticket. That is ticketless Travel.
  • The group can change the name of the passenger 30 days before the scheduled departure.
  • The Expert helps in booking the overall booking.

Moreover, the Passengers can get help by calling customer service if they face any issues; the dedicated team is there to help them.

How much is the Group Travel fee for Booking Spirit Flight?

The Group booking that is done on a request or for the special requirements comes under a fee. Here a few Spirit Airlines Group Travel Fee that you need to pay if you are making a Group Booking, these are:

So these are the types of fees that you should keep in mind if you are booking a Group Travel on Spirit Airlines.

How to Make the Most of My Group Travel with Spirit Airlines?

To know how to maximize group Travel, keep the following details in Mind:

  • When you complete the Group Form Request online, it will accept the travel quote request, so make sure to complete the Request form.
  • You cannot get the quote on a Call, so try to avoid it.
  • Keep the booking details handy to get the best assistance on your booking.

Final Words

The Group Travel Program of Spirit Airlines makes booking easy as per your preferred number of Group Members. But do not forget to check the Spirit Airlines Group Travel guidelines before confirming the reservation. Further, the Airlines Offer discounts so you can enjoy your trip. Moreover, you can reach out to the lookflyfares teams for further details and to get the best assistance.

So, Book your Flight Today with Your loved ones and enjoy a Trip Without a Burden.