How to Book Multi City Flights With British Airways?

Booking a Multi City flight is easy, although it requires extra attention compared to a oneway Trip, but with the British Airways Multi city Flight Feature, you do not need to worry, as this feature allows passengers to fly to 2 or more destinations with one ticket.

This feature allows customers to see new places instead of waiting at the Airport. However, in this blog, you will find the details on Multi city flights of British Airways Flights so, read the blog, and get the details of everything you need to know.

The Process to Book A British Airways Multi City Flights

If you want to know the detailed process of British Airways and what are all the steps, then follow the details mentioned below.

Book Through Website

  • Visit the Website of British Airways
  • Go to the home page and tap on the Book Flight
  • There you will see Multi City Flight option.
  • Tap on it, choose the destinations, and enter other details.
  • After entering the cities, give them the relevant details.
  • And make sure to add at least 6 stops for your multi city flight.
  • Now, choose the flight that suits you best and according to your budget.
  • Now, tap on the send option and make the payment.

Once you complete the booking, you will get the confirmation on your email address.
Note: The passenger can add 6 flights on British Airways for their Multi City Flights. These flights can be long Flights or short stopovers.

Book Through by Call

This method is also called the offline method, and this is done when there is no internet connection. However, if you fail the online way to book a flight, then book by calling the Airlines directly, and the steps are:

  • Visit the British Airways Website.
  • Now go to the Contact Us option.
  • There, you will find a British Airways Phone Number
  • Save it on your phone and dial it.
  • After dialing, wait for a few minutes to Connect with the Representative.
  • Once connected, choose your language.
  • And listen to the IVR options Carefully.

The IVR Options Are as Follows

  • Press 1, To know your flight Status
  • Press 2, For the Flight you want to get the Detail.
  • Press 3 If you want to cancel your Reservation.
  • Press 4 To choose the language according to your region
  • Press 9 to talk with a British Airlines representative.

Now, after choosing the right option, wait for the representative to revert, and then ask the representative to Book British Airways Multi city flight. Provide the details like what city you want to fly to and other details, and complete the booking process by making the Payment.

Book with the British Airways App

To start booking your flight with BA, you can simply follow the steps below:

  • First, download the British Airways App on your Phone.
  • Now, login or sign up if you never used the app before.
  • Tap on the flight option.
  • Choose the Multi city Flight and add the destinations.
  • Now, provide further details and Continue.
  • Wait for confirmation, and make the Payment.

Finally, British Airlines will send you a flight confirmation on your booking email.

Can I Book British Airways Multi City Using Avios?

Booking a Flight using Avios is not as easy as it looks, however, there are two ways through which you can book and redeem to a number of various cities.

First: Book your various one-way flights between every destination. This has three main benefits.

  • To book with Avios BA Multi City, missing your one-way flight could be voided.
  • You can only make the changes for up to 24 hours.
  • And in some cases, taxes can be cheaper as it is booked with one-way redemption.

Second: The second option to book Multi City with Avois is directly by the British Airways Executive Club. However, there is no option to book this online, so you have to book only by calling the Airline. Booking by calling comes with a particular fee, and the fee is $15 unless you are a gold member.

What are the Popular Multi city International Flights For BA?

For making multi-flights for international flights, there are various international flights that you can find. Below are the popular flights that you can get.

  • From Heathrow airport to Capetown.
  • From Heathrow airport to Mauritius.
  • From Heathrow Airport to Elizabeth.

Why you Should Book Multi City Flights for British Airways?

To know what are all the reasons to book a multi city flight with British Airways, you can follow the details.

  • The flights offer the lowest price to the UK and other parts of the world.
  • You can save more by booking one single Trip.
  • Also, these flights help in relaxing jetlag.
  • For business travel and meetings, multi city is more beneficial.
  • The passenger will get more knowledge about the culture when traveling in a multi-city.

Are Britsih Airways Multi City and Round Trip Are Same?

No, both are not the same as British Airlines allows the passengers to book their flight as a round trip, which starts from one destination and then that flight returns home again. In Multi-city flights, the passenger can travel to more than two destinations with affordability and you can even save more with this option.

Why Can’t I Book Multi City Flight with the BA Website?

There may be various reasons why you can not be able to make the British Airlines flight using the Website, and they are:

  • You are not using the Official Website.
  • You might be facing a network issue.
  • The flight details you are entering do not match the official details.
  • The destination or city you are selecting does not provide the Multi city flights.

These are a few of the basic reasons why you cannot make your travel smoother. However, if you face such things, you can simply call British Airways Customer Service and ask them to book your Flight in an easy and hassle-free way.

Where Does British Airways Fly to?

As of March 2024, British Airways flies to various destinations, that is the airline flies to 13 domestic destinations and 195 International Destinations.

And as the destination list is long, you can simply go to British Airways’ official website, and then check out the list of the destinations. Here, we can provide you with the top 10 British
Airways destinations to fly to, and these are:

The Top 10 Destinations British Airways Flies to Are:

  1. Albania
  2. Antigua & Barbuda
  3. Argentina
  4. Aruba
  5. Australia
  6. Barbados
  7. Canada
  8. Costa Rica
  9. Denmark
  10. France

How Early Should I Book Multi City Flights for British Airways?

Booking a flight in advance or as early as possible can help the customer save more on the flight tickets. However, the British Airways Muti City Flights booking starts 355 days Before, so making it in advance or 6 to 7 months before can make a big difference. So book in advance and use this saving amount to exploit the city culture and have the best cuisines.

How do I Plan a British Airways Multi City Vacation?

To make the most of your Multi-city flight, you have to follow a few things, and these are:

  • Book your Flight in Advance
  • Check the flight Duration
  • Set your Budget
  • Choose the right attractions and activities.
  • Make a brief overview of your plan
  • Book the main flight and add layovers.

These are a few of the basic things that you follow to get more comfortable and hassle-free travel.


Making a Multi City Flights and adding stops in between can help you explore the various destinations hassle-free. And you can use the British Airways Multi City Flight option to make your dream of flying to various destinations. However, if you want to get more details or are facing any issues, do not wait for anything. Just call the Airline and Speak to the representative to get the required help.