Spirit Airlines provides exemplary services to passengers worldwide. When you book the flight journey, you will be able to access the travel facilities for your destination. Passengers can also change the flight journey before the scheduled departure for the best satisfaction. Spirit Airlines understands the travel changes and allows you to choose the seat at the time of reservation or anytime after that. When you have decided to choose the seats, you might face some errors. Let’s have a look at the following information for the Spirit Airlines seat selection and assignment of your choice.

What is Spirit Airlines Seat Selection Policy?

If you have made the booking and want to select the seats, you must understand the necessary rules. You can read the Spirit Airlines seat selection policy in the information below.

  • You can choose the flight travel seat within 24 hours of the booking or at the time of reservation to avoid any fees.
  • According to the 24-hour rule, you must have bought the flight journey a week prior to the scheduled departure.
  • If you choose the seats after 24 hours, you need to bear the relevant fees.
  • If you choose the emergency exit seats, you must be more than 18 years of age and medically fit to control the emergency situation.
  • Spirit Airlines will allot a random seat at the time of flight check-in for your destination if you are unable to choose the same.
  • You can add the extra seats upto one hour before the scheduled departure.
  • Moreover, you can get the customer service experts to ask about the seat selection for your destination.
  • If you have made the Spirit booking with the travel agents, you must connect with them to choose the seats.
  • Spirit Airlines provides the seats according to the availability of the aircraft and the travel class.

What Kind of Seats Are on Spirit Airlines?

Unlike any other airline, Spirit Airlines also provides several options for seats. You can choose from the below seat types.

  • Standard seats:

The standard seats have the vast majority of seats on the plane. You can purchase the standard seat at the time of booking or use them as part of the bundle. This is like an economy class seat where you must pay the charges for every service.

  • Premium seats:

These types of seats are situated at the exit rows that have a bit of extra legroom. Airlines provide these seats to passengers who are medically fit and able to handle the situation of emergency.

  • Big front seats:

They do not have any first class, but they provide the big front seats with more legroom, headrests, and recliners. Eight or ten such seats are available on the aircraft as per the Spirit Airlines seat assignment to avail the 32 percent more legroom than other travel classes. Big front seats are either aisle or window seats.

How do I Select my Spirit flight Seats?

When you understand the points of the seat selection policy, you can choose Spirit airlines preferred seat in different ways. For this, you must get the following details for your seats.

Select the seat online:

  • To begin, you must access the Spirit Airlines official web page at www.spirit.com.
  • Afterward, you can proceed towards the My Bookings handle from the top.
  • You can add the booking reference number and the passenger’s surname.
  • When you tap on the submit icon, you will find the list of reservations booked with Spirit Airlines.
  • From that, you can choose the relevant itinerary you wish to get the seats.
  • You can open the drop-down section from the right and select the seat selection button.
  • You will see the list of travel classes for your seats; from that, you can select the preferred class.
  • Once you get the seat map, you can choose the appropriate seat as per the travel class.
  • At last, you can pay the given fees for each of the passengers and complete the process.
  • Spirit Airlines will share the confirmation message with your registered email ID.

Select the seat through the mobile app:

Spirit Airlines also has a mobile app that you can download from their website or from the Play Store or App Store. When you get the mobile app, you need to log into your account, and you can choose the preferred seats Spirit Airlines through the Manage Reservation of the website. At there, you can choose the preferred seats of your choice as per the availability.

Select the seat at the airport:

Sometimes, you are unable to get the seats at the time of booking, online or through the mobile app. In this situation, you can reach the nearest airport and go to the inquiry counters. At there, you can converse with them about your flight seat selection for your destination.

Select the seat with the customer service:

Spirit Airlines has a customer professional team to ask about your concerns anytime around the clock. You need to talk to the experts on the phone at the Spirit toll-free number 855-SAVE-555 and follow the instructions. Your phone call will be transferred to the operators when you choose the suitable command. You need to talk to them to acquire the most comfortable seat for the travel.

Spirit Airlines Seat Selection for Elite Members

Spirit Airlines provides the best perks to the elite members, which is to select a seat free of cost of any travel class. Apart from this, they have several benefits, as stated below.

  • Spirit Silver tier members will access the complimentary seat selection at flight check-in. They can also proceed to the exit row seats prior to the scheduled departure.
  • Gold members will have a complimentary seat selection at the time of reservation, in which you can choose the exit row seats also.

If you are a Spirit Airlines frequent flyer member, you can get the free elite status on every flight purchase. Once you utilize the same in the next purchase, you will earn the MasterCard.

What is a Preferred Seat on Spirit Airlines?

Preferred seats are those which are located on the front side of the main cabin. In these seats, travelers will get extra legroom than the standard seats to make a good choice for the travelers. If you want extra comfort without opting for the big front seats, you can go for the Spirit preferred seating for your destination.

Can I Select Seats After Booking on Spirit Airlines?

Yes, you can select the seats after reserving the flight itinerary with Spirit. Thus, you can log in to your booking account and access the reservation. When you get the details, you can select your favorite seats as per the availability and travel class. They also allow you to communicate with the customer service experts for the knowledge.

Does Spirit Charge for Seat Selection?

Yes, there are certain fees that you need to pay for the seat selection. The charges will depend upon the travel class, destination, number of passengers, and the travel season. Thus, Spirit Airlines seat selection cost will be computed between $25 to $200, which you need to pay to get your favorite comfortable seats.

When you fly with a budget airline such as Spirit, your ticket only includes a spot on the plane and the personal item that must fit under the seat. Anything else after the seat selection will cost you more. You can easily get what you want on the Spirt on the seat and choose from the multiple options. All the flight services regarding the seats are available online at their website.

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