It is very unfortunate when you miss to catch your flight on time. Well, did you miss your Spirit flight? In that case, you can go through the Spirit Airlines Missed Flight policy to check whether you’ll get a refund. It’s quite beneficial to check out airline policy before making a final decision.

It is America’s leading discounted airline known for its rock-bottom fares and hospitality. However, the airline offers connectivity throughout the world to make air travel convenient for everyone. Stay tuned with us and keep reading to get brief details regarding Spirit Missed Flight policy.

Spirit Airlines Missed Flight Policy

When you miss your flight, then Spirit Airlines Missed Flight Policy will be the one that can help you in the best possible way. Check out the key pointers mentioned below-

  • You can rebook another Spirit flight when you miss a flight.
  • The Spirit missed flight policy allows passengers to reschedule their flight tickets on the same day if they arrive at the airport before a certain time frame.
  • As per the missed flight policy, passengers can make flight rebooking without paying any extra fees.
  • Passengers need to pay USD 99 when they miss their Spirit flight and rebook it within o to 6 days of Spirit flight departure.
  • Passengers are eligible to apply for a refund or a same-day rescheduled flight.
  • Non-refundable Spirit flight tickets the traveler get a refund, change, and rebook or reschedule their flight.

What Happens When You Missed Spirit Airlines Flight?

As we know, it’s quite common for you to miss catching a flight on time, and quite a troublesome experience for every passenger. But with Spirit Airlines, flyers don’t have to worry about the flight fortune they spent on flight tickets.

Missed the Initial Spirit Flight

  • If passengers miss their Spirit flights and you are not available at the terminal, you must pay for the convenience charge for the delay and later convert the remaining ticket price to the travel credit.
  • Also, if passengers miss their Spirit flights and you are available at the airport within two hours of departure, then Spirit will offer you another flight within the scheduled time.

Missed the Connecting Spirit Flight

  • In case you miss catching a flight on time due to the initial flight delay, then Spirit Airlines will reschedule your flight to the same destination in no time.
  • Also, if your connecting flight is delayed, you will get compensation.
  • If you missed the Spirit connecting flight and are no longer at the airport, you must book a new flight with a unique PNR number and pay for the booking.
  • You also need to pay Spirit Missed Flight Fee.

What to do When you Miss your Spirit Airlines Flight?

Do you want to know if you missed a Spirit Airlines flight? If yes, then below are the terms that you should keep remember for the rest of your life:

  • When you fail to catch a Spirit Airlines flight, you should instantly request a refund.
  • You can call Spirit Airlines customer service and share all the information about why you missed your flight.
  • After you miss your Spirit flight, you can also rebook your flight.
  • Get in touch with a live person at Spirit by dialing Spirit phone number 855-728-3555. Once the call is connected with representatives, request a same-day rescheduled flight.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Does Spirit Airlines Charge if I Miss my Flight
Yes, Spirit Airlines charge if you miss your scheduled flight. You need to pay approximately $200.
What Happens if you Accidentally Miss your Spirit Flight
If you accidentally miss your Spirit flight, you need to call Spirit’s missed flight phone number 855-728-3555 and speak with its representative for a new booking or compensation.
What Number do I Call if I Miss my Spirit Airlines Flight
You need to give a call at 855-728-3555, Spirit Airlines missed a flight phone number, whenever you miss your Spirit flight. The customer service person of Spirit Airlines is available 24/7 to help you with the issues related to the missed flight.
How Late Can I Board a Spirit Flight
You can board a Spirit flight 15 minutes before the scheduled Spirit domestic flight departure and 30 minutes before the scheduled Spirit international flight departure.
What Does No-Show Mean in Spirit
A no-show means in Spirit when a passenger is expected to board a Spirit flight but does not show up or arrive at the airport.
When Do I Get a Spirit Standby
If you, for any certain reason, miss your Spirit Airlines flight, then Spirit will keep you on standby.