How Do I Get Rebooked By Lufthansa Airlines?

Sometimes, we need to rebook the flight after booking due to different reasons. Lufthansa does not permit you to change your Flight Destination. One can cancel and rebook a flight to the desired destination. Lufthansa rebooking flight is easier and ensures that you will acquire a flight when facing unavoidable circumstances.

In some cases, Lufthansa will automatically and proactively rebook you on an alternative flight to the same destination and in the same travel class free of charge.

Highlights Of Lufthansa’s Rebooking Flight Policy

  • Passengers can rearrange their flight for free within 24 hours of initial purchase.
  • Tickets bought directly from Lufthansa Airlines are eligible for rescheduling.
  • Flight rebooking is only applicable for flights operated by Lufthansa.
  • The same flight rearrangement is possible for the same destination, whether it is a domestic or international route.
  • Travelers can rebook their flight once, as per the policy.
  • Additionally, travelers need to ensure that the fare class and the route are the same when rearranging a flight.
  • If Lufthansa cancels your flight, it will automatically rearrange you on an alternate flight in the same travel class and to the same destination, free of charge.
  • Also, passengers need to pay the difference in fares if required.

Note: Call the Lufthansa rebooking phone number 1 (800) 645-3880 to request a rebooking. Remember that you need to check whether the flight is canceled or changed.

There can be two scenarios for rebooking a flight. The first is when Lufthansa cancels a flight, and the second is when the passenger wishes to rebook their flight due to a missed flight or a change in travel plans. Although, the airline has a general rebooking rule for these conditions. Let’s learn it in the section below.

When Lufthansa Cancels A Flight

Suppose your flight is canceled by Lufthansa Airlines. The airline will rebook your flight without applying charges to another flight for the same class and destination.

You can choose another alternative option when the rebooked flight by the airline is not suitable for your travel. They can revoke and rescind their own at no additional cost.

However, passengers can rearrange their flight within 14 days of cancellation. Besides, it will count as a voluntary booking and is subject to charges when the passenger rebooked their flight after 14 days as per Lufthansa’s flight rebooking policy.

You are allowed to rebook all newly booked tickets worldwide free of charge once, regardless of the terms or conditions of the booked fare.

Note: Passengers need to rebook their flight under the validity period, which is one year from the actual planned departure date.

When Passengers Cancels Their Flight

The eligibility is based on the type of fare booked by the passenger when the passengers want to rebook their flight on Lufthansa. It is advisable to read the guidelines for every fare class on the official website of Lufthansa Airlines.

It helps you to understand whether you will be qualified or not. You do not need to be worried, as most of the fares are eligible for rebooking.

Travelers are able to rearrange connecting or originating flights, and the flight should be rescheduled before the validity period is over.

In addition to this, if the original fare is not available, then travelers can easily take a Lufthansa Reschedule Flight in the same cabin for another fare only when the alternative travel date is within three days of the previous flight departure date.

Note: Passengers can also communicate with Lufthansa Airlines representatives and request help if no flights are available for rebooking.

Lufthansa Same-day Flight Booking

The airline states that same-day flight rebooking is only possible when the seats are available in the preferred travel class and flight. The process of same-day Lufthansa schedule change can be made at the time of check-in online or at the airport.

Same-day rebooking is not possible for long-haul flights on Lufthansa Airlines. The same-day flight rebooking is accessible when the new flight is from the same departure airport and in the same cabin class. The rebooking fee is USD 60/ EUR 50.

Remember: Passengers with codeshare flights cannot make the same-day flight change on Lufthansa.

How To Rebook Lufthansa Flight Online?

Passengers can rebook Lufthansa ticket online by performing the following steps:

  • Go to the Lufthansa website ( through your browser.
  • You need to add some details about your booking, such as the booking code and the last name of the passenger.
  • Click on the Continue button.
  • It would help if you chose a flight you want to rearrange. Besides, the airline also allows you to change an already canceled flight.
  • After that, you can manage your booking and then select the Rebook tab.
  • Now, you will be led to another page where you need to make the payment process by choosing your preferred payment mode.
  • At last, you may have to pay the rebooking fee and the fare difference if needed and wait to get the confirmation email or text from the airline.

How To Rebook Lufthansa Through Customer Service?

Passengers can also get in touch with Lufthansa assistance at 1 (800) 645-3880 and request to rebook their flight. Ensure that the flight is canceled or changed to be qualified for a rebooking.

However, the agent of the airline will ask regarding the booking details and other required information. At last, he will ask you to pay the applicable fee to confirm your flight reschedule.

How do you Book a Lufthansa flight through a Mobile App?

Travelers can also use the Lufthansa app for rebooking purposes. Besides, follow the below steps for the same.

  • Visit the Google Play Store and search for the Lufthansa app.
  • Select the download option and run it once the installation finishes.
  • Move to the home screen and select the app icon to launch the app.
  • Log in to your account or use it as a guest.
  • Look for the Menu tab and select it to expand it.
  • Click on the View & Amend option in the Book & Manage section.
  • Fill out the required details, including the passenger’s surname and other details.
  • Further, locate and continue your pre-booked flight.
  • You must cancel your trip or modify your flight details.
  • Click on the Rebook option to confirm it once you modify your booking.
  • You need to pay the essential taxes, fees, surcharges, and fare difference, if applicable.

How Do You Rebook A Lufthansa Flight At The Airport?

It is also an alternative way for Lufthansa to rebook to different destinations. Follow the below steps to initiate your flight rebooking at the airport.

  • It would help if you went to the nearest airport.
  • Move to the ticket counter and request to rearrange your flight.
  • The airline agent will ask you some questions and ask you to share the required details regarding your flight.
  • He will rebook your flight as per your requirements.
  • Pay the applicable fee to finish the process.
  • This option is the right choice for passengers who recently miss their flight or are in an emergency.

Lufthansa Rebook Cancelled Flight

You can easily make a Lufthansa flight canceled rebook by considering the mentioned below steps:

  • Visit the official Lufthansa site and log in to your account.
  • Second, you must view your previous canceled flight.
  • Then, click on the flight to rebook.
  • Click on the Rebbok Trip tab to move ahead when you have made all the changes to your reservation.
  • You need to complete the payment using your desired payment option in the end.

How Much Does Lufthansa Rebooking Cost?

  • Passengers can make Lufthansa rebook without fee when they reschedule their flight within 24 hours of the initial reservation.
  • Besides, the distance between the booking and the planned departure should be seven or more days.
  • However, suppose you rebook your flight after 24 hours. Pay the rebooking fee depending on the origin/ fare type/ class/ and destination that the passenger selects.
  • The airline will also ask you to pay the difference in fare, if any.
  • Travelers making voluntary rebookings will be responsible for paying $60 or EUR50 to reschedule a Lufthansa flight.
  • The cost of rebooking a Lufthansa flight is $320-$1500.

How Many Hours Before You Can Rebook A Lufthansa Flight?

Lufthansa Airlines allows rescheduling a flight up to 10 minutes prior to the departure time. Passengers can rearrange their flight for free using the Lufthansa rebooking options. It can be made within 24 hours of the initial purchase of the ticket.


In the above text, you will find every piece of information about Lufthansa rebooking flights. You can easily rebook your flight using the above information, and you will be able to learn everything about rebooking flights. If you have any concerns or doubts, you can dial the Lufthansa helpline number 24/7 and get help from the experts.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the rebooking fee for Lufthansa?
The penalty of 50 EUR, 70 CHF/ USD 60 is payable when initiating Lufthansa rebooking. However, the amount may vary as it depends on various factors. Ensure that the date and time can only change.
Can you rebook Lufthansa online?
Yes. You can use Manage Booking online to rebook your Lufthansa flight online. You need to go through the steps to rearrange your flight.
How much does it cost to change an international flight with Lufthansa?
The airline charges a 99 USD Fee plus possible fare differences in case of a change of an international flight on Lufthansa. However, the Lufthansa Economy classic rebooking is possible by paying the fare difference.
How does rebooking with Lufthansa work?
You can easily rebook free of charge to an alternative flight to the same destination and under the same class. Moreover, the airline also permits modifications to modify the destinations and the travel class.
Can I reschedule my flight without extra cost?
It is possible to reschedule a flight by paying the charges for the same. Besides, the airline doesn’t charge for such services when the flight was canceled by the carrier, or someone wishes to modify their departure time.

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