Information About Book British Airways Infant Reservation

Do you wish to travel with your newly born baby on British Airways? It is possible, as the airline has recently announced a British Airways infant policy. Moreover, the free checked baggage allowance contains one standard 23-kg hold bag for all cabins traveling with an infant.

Besides, infants are permitted to travel on all BA flights at least 48 hours after delivery without any prohibition. The blog will cover all the necessary factors that guide you. It may include baggage allowance, stroller, toys, airplane bassinets, and more.

Age Restrictions For British Airways Infant

Infants must be up to 48 hours old to be eligible for travel and need to be born without any complications. Besides, the airline suggests you check with the doctor to see if the mother and baby can travel.

  • On our long haul services, the British airways provides the carrycots and the infant seats for free for babies up to 2 years old.
  • Infants traveling in child car seats​​ can use for infants between 6 months and three years old.
  • Infants (under two years) are allowed 1 Cabin bag weighing no more than 23kg.
  • Children under two must be carried in their parent’s laps.
  • However, children aged between 2 to 11 years old need to travel at their own separate British Airways Infant seat.

Do Babies Fly For Free on British Airways?

No. You have to pay an “infant fare,” which is the percentage of the adult fare when the infant travels on an adult’s lap. However, the airline will charge only a “Child Fare” when a separate fare is reserved for an infant. Ensure that you cannot book these seats online. You must contact the customer service team of the airline.

Do I Need To Reserve A Seat For My Infant?

Airlines apply some age limitations for infants so that you may book a seat for an infant. Besides, children up to two years old are not required to have a booked travel seat. But, you must notify the airline while booking that you will be traveling with an infant on your lap to add the infant to the British Airways booking. The passengers must be at least 15 years old to carry the infant on their lap.

Further, the airline permits only one infant per adult while traveling. You must book an extra seat for an additional infant when traveling with more than one infant under two years old. Similarly, a child restraint device is offered to the infant by British Airways when you book a separate seat for your infant.

What Are The Hold Baggage Allowance For Infant On British Airways?

  • All hold luggage must not exceed the dimensions of 90*70*43cm (35.5*29.5*16 inc) across all flights when British Airways flies with infants.
  • However, the weight limit may vary depending on the cabin class, destination, and age the ticket is booked for.
  • Moreover, infants below two years old traveling on an infant fare are allowed one bag whose weight must be 23kg (51lb) per bag. It applies to all British Airways flights.
  • In addition, the infant will class under a “Child Fare,” and their allowances will be the same as an adult when an infant travels on their seat.
  • All Economy flights have a one-bag allowance; each bag should weigh 23kg (51lb).
  • Similarly, passengers in business class can carry up to two bags, and the weight must be 32kg (70lb) per bag on every flight as per British Airways’ infant baggage allowance rule.
  • First-class passengers can carry three bags weighing 32kg (70lb) each.

Is Baby Travel Item Allowed On BA Flights?

Infants under two years and children under 2-11 years can bring the following items for free as checked baggage as per the baggage allowance rules.

  • Stroller
  • Travel Cot
  • Car/Booster Seat
  • Baby Back Carrier

Are Toys Offers By British Airways For Children?

The airline offers “Skyflyer Activity Packs” when adding infants to British Airways bookings for long-haul flights from London Gatwick and London Heathrow. It includes a coloring book, crayons, and a reusable swimming bag for children aged 3-5 years.

Apart from this, BA provides the Cartoon Network, Disney Channer, and CBeebies in their “SkyFlyers Kids Zone.” You can also speak with BA representatives to collect more information.

What Kind Of Child Restraint Devices Are Permitted?

British Airways has made some regulations regarding child restraint devices per British Airways’ infant policy. It would be best if you used your car seat, which needs to meet the following situations:

  • The seat should be secure, meaning the single lap strap and face should be in an equal direction according to the passenger seat.
  • A children’s car seat must have a five-point restraint harness.
  • Similarly, the car seat should not exceed the dimensions of the aircraft seat.
  • Besides, the maximum dimensions of the car seat should fit into an area of 17.5*17.5 inches (45*45cm).

Note: There is a seat, and a base is not convenient for use on a plane or two-part car seats.

You can use your AmSafe System, an approved child restraint device, with a shoulder harness and an additional belt. It should encircle the British Airways infant seat back and attach to the passenger’s lap belt.

  • Moreover, it is capable of being used for infants from the age of one to three years old.
  • However, the AmSafe system is not applicable for Club World sleeper seats and the first class or World Traveler Plus Seats.
  • In addition, it cannot use in the same row as the row in front, behind the emergency exit, or the emergency exit.

Note: British Airways do not provide the AmSafe System, but you can carry your own.

Will I Pay For My Infant To Travel?

Yes. A child up to 2 years old (24 months) is generally charged 10% of an adult fare and the taxes even when an infant will be on the lap of another passenger for the domestic flight. However, you have to pay 10% of the adult fare and the tax when the infant is traveling while sitting on the lap of an adult passenger.

Likewise, you cannot book it online, whether international or domestic so you can contact the local British Airways office. The airline will not charge you extra; you’ll only pay the infant fare for the entire journey.

Does British Airways Offer Any Discount For Infants?

Yes. British Airways provides discounts for infants. However, the discounts may vary, so you need to check the price online to acquire the complete details. Besides, when adding infants to British Airways booking, the infant fare offers to any infants who do not have their own booked seats.

In addition, the child fare is provided to children above two and below 12 years old, except for infants traveling in their own seats.

Infant On Lap

The infants aged 0 and 23 months can sit in an adult’s lap, and the airline will charge a fee for an infant fare of 10% of an adult fare. The seats can be booked online when the infants still need their confirmed seats. Besides, you need to connect with the British Airways reservation department after your baby is born to make the baby’s booking and link it to your own when you make a reservation for yourself before your baby’s birth.

Moreover, the infant must have their own seats for any flight, but the infant booking cost will still require for the journey when the infant reaches two years of age or after their second birthday.

In addition to this, it cannot book online, and arrangements can manage when contacting British Airways, as a seat is only for part of the journey.

Carrycots (Bassinets) & Child Seats

The airline provides carrycots and child seats to infants on all long-haul flights. However, it will be subject to availability. You must book a seat at a carrycot position on the plane to get a carrycot/child seat. Then, you will obtain a baby icon in front of the seat on the seat map. On the other hand, the airline may assign you a seat that is not at the carrycot position if you do not book your own seat. Additionally, one of the brew members will arrange an extension seat belt for you. They also tell you how to use it when you have not booked a carrycot position.

Furthermore, you can ask for a carrycot or child seat that attaches to the carrycot position. It is when you have reserved your seat at a carrycot position. Similarly, the child seats and carrycots are convenient for babies. It is when the weight of the babies is not more than 12.5 kg (27.5 lbs.). However, the child seats can be adjustable to a variety of positions from the direction of horizontal to vertical.

When Can I Choose My Seat On British Airways?

You can book a seat for yourself and others in your itinerary at no additional cost. You have to complete your booking for the same. It will be applicable when you are traveling with an infant of at least below you years who cannot travel on their own seat.

The person making the booking and the infant can book a seat or carrycot position, depending on availability. Other people who come under the reservation can choose their seats without paying any cost. However, all passengers in a single booking are not guaranteed to sit together. It may require another family member or wheelchair user. Consequently, you may get the seat adjacent or the row behind.


After reading the above information, all your doubts regarding British Airways’ infant policy may be clear. If you still have any queries or concerns. Then do not worry, as you can contact the BA representatives. They will always assist you, and you can connect with them 24/7.

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