Find Cheap Flights to Mexico 

Mexico is one of the most alluring destinations to explore, blessed with Caribbean islands. Mexico is a sprawling country in the southern part of North America, brimming with countless concealed gems among its Verdant rainforest and parched lowlands. However, Mexico was globally known for its palm-fringed seashores, spiciest cuisine, ancient ruins, rich history, fiesta fireworks, salsa, and Colonial towns. While most travellers visit Mexico for its eminent hotels and well-known places like Tulum, Cancun, Punta Cana, or Cozumel, the remainder of the nation offers significantly more. Nonetheless, heading out to Mexico is something that each adventurer longs for.

How to Get to Mexico? 

Making a trip to Mexico overland from the US by train is feasible, yet you must be ready for a long awkward journey. In case you’re searching for the quickest and most helpful method for making a trip to Mexico, then taking a flight to Mexico is a perfect way to travel. A few global airlines operate direct cheap flights from major cities in North America to Mexico.

Cheap flights to Mexico 

The typical flight duration on a trip to Mexico with other popular destinations is close to 5 hours and 22 minutes. While flying towards Mexico from the United States, you may choose the nearest airport for better convenience. 

Here are the following major commercial airports of Mexico’s popular destinations-

  • Mexico City International Airport
  • Cancún International Airport
  • Guadalajara International Airport
  • Tijuana International Airport

Now, let’s take a look at flight fares of Mexico’s sought-after destination on multiple routes

Route One-wayRound-trip
Newark to Cancun 167 USD298 USD
Denver to Mexico City 185 USD275 USD 
Los Angeles to Puerto Vallarta178 USD342 USD 
Salt Lake City to San Jose Cabo 193 USD367 USD 

Getting to and Around Mexico

Mexico City International Airport 

  • Mexico City International Airport is one of the significant global air terminals in Mexico’s capital city.
  • It is one of the most active airports in Mexico or Latin America, serving many guests worldwide yearly. If your trip stay is based in Mexico City, this air terminal is an ideal and reasonable choice.
  • Even though the MEX airport is the focal centre of Aeromexico Aviation routes, the country’s flag carrier airline. 

Cancun International Airport

It is the second largest and busiest airport terminal in Mexico and the third busiest in Latin America in terms of airport terminal size and number of passengers handled annually.

The Air Terminal occupies 680 acres, 8 miles from downtown Cancun and 20 km from the downtown hostel district.

It is located east of Mexico City, and you should consider transportation or a boat to get around the city.

Best time to fly to Mexico

Peaks season 

While travelling toward Mexico, the regular high season can vary depending on your stay. However, it runs between late December till Easter and late June to August during the warm season. 

Travelling during a festive month like Easter and Christmas is quite expensive because you’ll notice the sudden surge in hotel or flight fares drastically. Consider booking your flight to Mexico in advance to save a little fortune on flight tickets.

If you travel to Mexico in November, you can observe quite possibly Mexico’s most well-known celebration: Dia de los Muertos, frequently alluded to as the Day of the Dead. Additionally, the celebration begins on November first and second.

If you’re a party animal and want to enjoy crazy music, don’t miss the Fiesta del Virgen del Carmen. It is a five day crazy music and dance carnival celebrated around Mexico.


Mexico is accessible all year round, with most travellers sticking to the uplands throughout summer and the shores during the dry season. But if you’re on a low budget and looking for cheap flights to Mexico, you can plan your trip a day after Easter to December. 

Several airlines drop their fares up to 40% depending on when you book your flight tickets and where in Mexico you are flying to. Save a lot of bucks on cheap flights to Mexico and get the most out of your trip by avoiding the summer season.

Best time to book a flight to Mexico

If you’re looking for a cheap flight to Mexico, consider booking your tickets as early as possible. Generally, you’ll get affordable airfares to Cancun outside the high seasons. To avail of cheap fares, you may book your flight tickets at least 3 to 4 months before the scheduled departure date. Please note that flexibility is also key when searching for cheap flights to Mexico. Be flexible with your travel dates, and don’t fixate on any season or weekend.

Top Places to visit in Mexico 

Without a doubt, Mexico is the most visited vacation location in North America. Explorers from everywhere the world run to the country to partake in Cancun’s as far as anyone knows everlasting sun, amazing perspectives on Mexico and captivating white-sand sea shores. Moreover, it has a shockingly rich social legacy. Here are probably the most ideal getaway spots in Mexico.

Copper Canyon: Mexico’s Grand Canyon

Copper Canyon is Mexico’s cultural and historical wonder, situated in the Mexican northern state of Chihuahua, affectionately known among locals as Mexico’s Grand Canyon. Further, one of the most visited natural attractions is in the middle of the Sierra Madre Occidental mountains. 

Mexico City’s Historic Centre

Mexico City is the capital city of Mexico, one of America’s oldest cities and an ideal destination for a vacation. The city of Palaces is the country’s popular alternative destination thanks to its numerous internationally renowned museums, fine art galleries, and attractions. There are a lot of motivations to visit Mexico City once in the course of their lives, for example, a road trip to the Public Gallery of Human Studies, a direct visit to the Royal Residence of Expressive Arts, and a walk around Chapultepec Park.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the average flight duration to Mexico?

The average flight duration on a flight to Mexico is around 5 hours and 22 minutes.

What is the least expensive airport to fly into Mexico?

If your visit is situated in Mexico City, Mexico City Worldwide Air terminal will be your nearest and most reasonable air terminal.

What is the best day to take a trip to Mexico City?

As per our exploration, you should consider departing on a Tuesday or Wednesday because these two days are the least expensive while you’re travelling to Mexico.

Do airlines operate direct flights from the US to Mexico?

Several airlines operate direct flights from the US major cities to Mexico, a popular destination starting at just $157 for one way and $276  for a round trip.