Alaska Airlines works to provide the preferred travel services to the passengers. One can grab the travel details and related boarding details online at their website. Alaska Airlines networks are expanding day by day, which makes your travel affordable to all destinations. Traveling in a group is one of the exciting moments as you can share everything in your group from boarding to landing. Airlines have streamlined the boarding pass and removed unnecessary information to find exact details. Sometimes, it is tough to hear the announcements at the busy airport, for which Alaska simplifies the boarding process. Each passenger has a specific Alaska Airlines boarding groups in a slot of 5, according to the group letters. Discover more about the Alaska Airlines boarding process to get into the plane comfortably.

How Many Boarding Groups Does Alaska Have?

Alaska Airlines has six boarding groups so that you can make your boarding faster and simpler than normal boarding. These are the groups that can get into the plane according to the eligible preboarding.

  • Priority boarding = first class and MVP gold 100K. Aircraft that don’t have first-class seating their boarding will begin from group A.
  • Group A = Mileage Plan™ Million Miler, MVP® Gold 75K, and MVP® Gold members.
  • Group B = Mileage Plan MVP® members and passengers in Premium Class seats.
  • Group C = Eligible Alaska Airlines Visa Signature and Business cardholders who reserve their flight with the Alaska card.
  • Group D = travelers in Main seats located in the back of the aircraft.
  • Group E = Travelers in Main seats situated in the front of the aircraft.
  • Group F = Passengers in Saver seats

How Does Alaska Airlines Board?

Alaska Airlines makes the boarding process simpler and specifies the boarding groups. Passengers can board the main cabin seats with the Alaska Airlines group according to the group letters after the boarding of first class and preboarding passengers.

  • You know that gates can be changed anytime before departure; you must recheck the airport monitors or sign up for email/text alerts.
  • However, passengers must get a notification from the app to find the most updated information on the suitable location of the flight gate.
  • Reach the boarding gates at least 40 minutes prior to the scheduled departure.
  • When you are waiting at the gates, you must look at the boarding pass. With this, you can locate the boarding group letter.
  • However, you can also follow the boarding pass process available at the appropriate gates.

Does Alaska Airlines Have Assigned Seating?

Yes, Alaska Airlines provides the assigned seating to the passengers traveling in a group. Here is the information on how assigned seating works.

  • Your mileage plan membership and the ticket type will determine the assigned boarding groups.
  • If you earn elite status and reach the gold or higher level, you can easily board the flight sooner, no matter where you are seated on the plane.
  • However, you can check the group seating assignment on the boarding pass.
  • Alaska Airlines displays the screen at the designated boarding gates to know about your turn to board the flight.
  • Groups in the red check board will board the flight soon as compared to the green check board.

How do you Get an Alaska Airlines Earlier Boarding Group?

Passengers can add the priority boarding groups to the itinerary to get an earlier boarding group. If you choose the premier access to the journey, you will immediately get the Alaska Airlines boarding pass and faster check-in in the security lines.

There are certain ways that you can follow to obtain priority boarding and be on a plane sooner.

Permit for Preboarding:

Preboarding allows eligible flight attendants to board the aircraft ahead of all other passengers, including those traveling in first class. Therefore, if you are qualified, you can settle into your travel seat before the usual boarding process starts.

Earn Elite Status:

One advantage of flying with Alaska frequently is the opportunity to get to elite status via their loyalty program.

If you reach the mileage plan miller or MVP gold status, you can board the flight with group A. mileage plan MVP members need to board the flight in the same group as the premium cabin with group B.

Fly in the Premium Class:

You will be granted priority boarding rights when you purchase a first- or premium-class ticket, allowing you to board the aircraft ahead of those holding main cabin or economy seat tickets.

Upgrade the Flight Ticket:

Upgrading your ticket prior to departure is another method of obtaining priority boarding. You can use miles or cash as payment, depending on the sort of ticket. Upgrades to first class cost $23 and premium class cost $5, respectively.

Indulge in the Priority Boarding Upgrade:

Alaska Airlines regularly launches holiday-themed priority boarding promotions to stimulate travelers to dress according to the theme and access priority boarding. If you decide to participate, you must hold an eye out for these promotions.

What do I Need to Board an Alaska Airlines Flight?

The travel discounts depend upon the domestic or international journey. Learn about the documents that you need to board an Alaska air group travel for your destinations.

Domestic documents:

  • All passengers aged 18 or older need to submit valid government-issued ID proof.
  • Birth certificate or health club membership.
  • Voter registration card, if any.
  • Pan card by the approved government.

International travel documents:

If you want to speed up the security check-in process, you must travel with the original name documents as per the itinerary.

  • valid government-issued ID
  • Driver’s license
  • State ID card
  • Military ID card
  • Passport
  • Resident Alien Card
  • Native American tribal ID
  • Photo employment ID issued by county, state, or federal agency

Two pieces of ID can be:

  • Social Security card and credit card
  • Government-issued birth certificate and health club membership card
  • Voter registration card and check cashing card
  • Airman’s certificate and other airline ID

With the help of the above information, you can board your group in a hassle-free manner from anywhere worldwide. However, you can also call the Alaska Airlines phone number at 1-800-252-7522 to talk to the representative for detailed information about group boarding.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Do Alaska Airlines Give Discounts for Large Groups?
Yes, Alaska Airlines offers discounts to the lowest available fares to the group traveling in more than 20 from the different departure cities. When you contact their group travel desk, they will give you a discount code that you can use on their website at

How Are Boarding Groups Determined by Alaska Airlines?
Each passenger is a part of a specific group to board the flight. If you are unable to listen to the announcement at the busy airport, you can check the display. There is the group letter mentioned on top of your boarding pass. The different boarding passes help you locate your group letter when you can complete the check-in. If the display has the green check-in sign, then the current groups are boarding. The red signs will board the flight soon.