What Happens if I Miss the Alaska Airlines Flights?

Whenever we fly to any destination we all look for smooth Travel, and nobody wants to miss their flights. But life is uncertain, and sometimes we miss our flights because of unavoidable reasons, so worry not as Alaska Airlines Missed Flight Policy helps you in that situation.

But what is more important is to learn about the Policy of Missed Flight on Alaska Airlines so that you can get the details on What Happens if I Miss My Alaska Airlines Flight and avoid any problems. Thus, look for the details that are mentioned below and know the important details of policy and Procedure to rebook your missed Flight.

A Quick Overview of Alaska Airlines Missed Flight Policy

Before knowing the details of how you can handle the situation if you miss your Flight on Alaska, let’s quickly check the overview of Alaska Airlines Missed Flight Policy:

  • To benefit from this policy, you should provide a valid reason.
  • When you reach the Airport late the Airline will not provide a refund.
  • If you have not checked it yet, you might get more chances to rebook your Flight.
  • When you miss a flight because of natural reasons, you can rebook the Flight without paying the fee.
  • If you do not inform the Airline then after missing the Flight, you will be on the now-show list.
  • When there is no option to change the Flight, the Airline will ask you to put it on the standby list.
  • There will be a $125 missed flight fee in some cases that needs to be paid.

However, after knowing the policy let’s quickly see what steps you can take in case you miss your Alaska Airlines Flight.

No Show Policy of Alaska Airlines:

When the passenger cancels their Flight after the scheduled departure, then Alaska airlines will put the passenger into a Now Show Policy:

  • The Airline will cancel the Flight and the return flight as well.
  • If the Flight is nonrefundable, the Airline will not provide future credit or Refund.

Things to do if You Miss Your Alaska Airlines Flights:

When you realize that you are going to miss your Alaska Flight, then you should call the Airline at 1-800-252-7522 (1-800-ALASKAAIR). Else you can follow the mentioned below steps:

  • When passengers know that they might miss their Flight, then passengers should inform the Airline earlier.
  • Call the Airline for a missed flight and speak with a representative.
  • The Airline will ask you to clear some formalities and provide you with some credits for future bookings.

Take a Note, the passenger will get a future credit on Alaska Airlines Missed Flight. The Airline will also refund the amount to your original payment. This credit is only used for personal booking.

What is the Process of Rebooking Alaska Airlines Missed Flight?

When you miss your Flight, and now you want to rebook it. You can follow the steps for Alaska Airlines Missed Flight and Rebook your Flight easily.

  • Visit the Alaska Airlines website.
  • Go to the Manage My Booking option.
  • Enter the required details.
  • Choose the Alaska Airlines Missed Flight rebooking OPtion.
  • Confirm the booking by tapping the option.
  • Now, you will get the confirmation email.

Thus, when all the steps are complete, save the pass on your phone or print it out, as you have to show it at the Airport. Other than this, you can call the Airline directly and rebook your Flight by providing the necessary details.

What is the Alaska Airlines Missed Flight Fee?

The Alaska Missed Flight Fee depends on the booking and there may be a fee to change or cancel the Flight as well. The $125 will be charged per person. Moreover, if you made the new booking then you will only be responsible for any fare difference.

How can I Claim My Refund for a Missed Flight in Alaska?

When you miss your Flight and you have refundable flight tickets, then you can easily claim the missed Alaska Airlines Missed Flight Refund. The steps are:

  • You need to check whether the facility is available on your refundable Flight.
  • If yes, then call the Airline, and tell them about the situation.
  • Then, it will be decided by the agent if you are eligible or not.
  • If the missed flight reason is genuine you will get the Refund.

Thus, by following the above steps and providing the genuine reasons and details to the agent you will the Alaska Airlines Missed Flight Refund.


Thus, to deal with situations like this, the main thing is to keep your mind calm and composed. Moreover, this article contains all the related details on Alaska Airlines Missed Flight, but if you have any further details, don’t hesitate to Speak with Alaska Airlines customer service and get the Required Help. So, if you missed your Flight, rebook it and enjoy the travel once again.