How Can I Book A Turkish Airlines Group Travel?

Looking to book a Group Travel with Turkish Airlines? If yes, then you can Book the group flight with 7-9 People, as the Airline makes the booking procedure very easy. Whether you and your colleagues are going to a business meeting or you want to travel with your family, the Turkish Airlines Group Travel offers a wide range of services to make your group travel easy.

However, for International travel, the Airline allows you to book up to 6 people, and for domestic up to 9 people. if you want to know the Procedure to book your travel with Turkish Airlines, then you can Read on to know all the options you have.

Ways To Book a Group Travel with Turkish Airlines

If you are looking to book a group Travel with Turkish Airlines, then you can simply do this in various ways. To know all the ways, you can visit the website or follow the details mentioned below.

Book Turkish Group Travel Through Website

  • For the booking, visit the Turkish Airlines website.
  • Go to the Booking option.
  • Now tap on the Flight option and choose Group booking.
  • Tap on that and enter the details.
  • The details like the number of passengers,
  • Destination, date, and the contact number.
  • After all these, you can tap on Extra if you need special assistance.
  • Add on and tap to Continue.
  • After submitting all the details, the Airline representative will send you a quotation.
  • If the quotation and everything is ok, you can proceed and make the Payment.
  • Make the payment and proceed to complete your Booking.

After all the steps you followed, the Airline will send you a Turkish Airlines Group Booking
on your email address that you provided at the time of booking. However, if you have not received the mail, you can check the spam folder and get the details.

Note: As per the Update, Turkish Airlines is not allowing online or Mobile App booking for the larger Group. However, you can use online Channels to buy flight tickets for 7 to 9 passengers.

Book Turkish Group Travel through Phone

The other option for booking a group journey is by calling the customer service team using the Turkish Airlines Phone Number, and when your call gets connected, you can follow the steps given below:

  • Visit the Official website of the Turkish airlines
  • Then go to the Contact Us option,
  • There you will see the Phone number.
  • Save the number and dial it.
  • Once the number is connected, follow the IVR options.
  • Choose your language and Follow the instructions.
  • Now request the representative for Group Travel Booking.
  • Provide the details, and make the payment.

At last, Turkish Airlines provides you with a confirmation.

Know the Turkish Airlines Group Booking Rules

Before booking the Group Travel, you should know the Booking rules and regulations so that you can easily make the booking. Some of the related rules and Policies are:

  • To book group travel For 9 to 7 People or more you can be done using the Turkish Airlines Group Booking.
  • Making the booking for all the travelers in more than 2 People PNR Then it will be considered a Hidden group, and that will not allowed by the Airline.
  • If any of the tickets are found on the Hidden Group, then the airline will charge EUR 50 as a fee.
  • To avoid flight rejections with a passive status code, for the active booking, it is important to add a( to Complete Party) details to the Passive PNR.

So, it’s better to visit the website and check the related rules and policies before making the Group reservation.

What are the Advantages of Group Booking?

If you book your Group Travel with Turkish Airlines, then you can get various benefits and a comfortable journey. And if you want to know the benefits, you can check below:

  • The group will get the refreshments and free drinks when the booking is done in a group.
  • Turkish Airlines allows Passengers to schedule flights.
  • Moreover, the passenger will get the Priority check-in at the Airport.
  • The group gets a faster update on the booking.
  • And the passenger can change their name free of cost.
  • Also, passengers are allowed to carry extra baggage.

However, these are the most up-to-date benefits you will get on your Turkish flights. To get more details, call the airline and know the running deals and discounts as well.

Does Turkish Airlines have a Boarding Group?

No, Turkish Airlines does not have a Boarding Group, as the Airline only uses the Boarding Scrum Method for boarding planes. There, the staff says Go to every single person at the gate to board the plane.

How Much Does Turkish Charge for Group Booking?

When you book the Group travel, you have to pay some fees, and you also have to follow the associated rules with Turkish Airline Group Travel fee, these are:

  • Turkish Airlines flights that are booked in advance for more than 60 days, then the travelers have to deposit an amount of nonrefundable flights of $40 per person.
  • The final booking payment should be Before 60 days.
  • The Fee for Nonrefundable flight tickets is $5 per person to confirm the booking.
  • To change the name on the booking within 30 days cost $50.

Moreover, individual cancellation of the flight ticket in the group is not allowed.

Does Turkish Airlines Provide Group Discounts?

Yes. as almost every Airline provides a discount on group booking. Thus Turkish Airlines also gives discounts to passengers if they book their flight in a group. To get the Turkish Airlines Group Travel Discounts, you can call the Airline or visit the website, and you will be given a refund based on travel class, flight ticket booking dates, routes, etc.

Will I Get the Turkish Airlines Group Travel refund?

Yes. you will get a refund if you cancel your ticket within the specific time frame. The Turkish Airlines refund amount always depends upon the fare class and the type of booking you have chosen. Also, the cancellation of the ticket should be done within 24 hours, if this window crosses you will not get the refund.

Tips for Smooth Travel Group Booking

  • Book your flight ticket as early as possible.
  • Talk to the representative about ongoing travel deals and discounts.
  • Book the flight tickets on the weekends.
  • Do not travel at peak times, such as Christmas, thanksgiving, etc.
  • Check your group size and ask for the Discount Accordingly.
  • Select multi-city flights, like choosing multiple destinations for a single booking.
  • Reach the Airport Early so that you can check in early and easily board the flight.

Bottom Line

By following the above details, you will not book the individual flight online for a larger group. However, you need a travel agent or some help booking your flight. Further, if you need more help on the Turkish Airlines Group Travel, contact the customer service team and request help.