What can I do If I Miss My Southwest Airlines?

The chance of Missing a Flight is normal because this happens when the passenger does not reach the Airport on time. Whether they Miss the Flight Because of heavy traffic, lost Boarding pass, terminal change, or because of Unavoidable Circumstances. However, if you are flying with Southwest, then there is no issue, as the Airline has a particular SouthWest Airlines Missed Flight policy that helps passengers rebook their flights.

However, if you are looking to rebook the flight or want to know what will happen, then continue reading the blog further.

Things you Can do After you Miss the Flights

There are various things you can do after missing your flight, and these are

  • Inform the Airline Immediately
  • Do not panic about missing your Flight
  • Check and understand the situation.
  • Check the eligibility for rebooking or cancellation.
  • Provide your booking details to request the rebooking.
  • To be eligible for rebooking your flight, select another flight on the same route.
  • Or, If you do not want to rebook the you can cancel the flight and Get a Refund.

So, follow the simple things you can do if you miss your flight. So, the policy will clear all your issues.

What is Southwest Airlines Missed Flight Policy?

If you miss the flight, there are a few highlights of the policy that you can keep in mind, and these are:

  • Southwest allows the travelers to rebook their flights.
  • The Airline rebooked the flight if they reached the airport in 2 hours.
  • The results of the missing flight can be easily done by visiting the website.
  • Southwest Airlines does not charge for missed flight rebooking.
  • The flight rescheduling may have fees and restrictions.
  • If you do not reach the Airport on time, you will come under the Now Show Policy.
  • Also, check the Southwest Airlines refund policy before you make the refund.

How Does Southwest Airlines No-show Policy Work?

If the passenger does not cancel the booking at least 10 minutes before the scheduled departure time, then:

  • The Business Select or Anytime Fares will be refunded
  • And for the Wanna GetAway plus fares, the fund will be Forfeited.
  • The Airline Will not provide you with any refund if you do not cancel your booking on Time.

What is Southwest Flat Tire Policy?

Southwest Airlines Started a New rule that is Flat Tire rule, to help passengers who could not make their flight flight due to any reason that is not under their control.

For example, if you are going to the Airport and one of the tires blows out, and because of this, you can not make it on time, then the airline works with you to receive your seats at no additional cost. The Flite Tire policy applies when

  • When you reach the Airport 2 hours before the flight time.
  • When you cannot proceed with the Process, you have to reach the Airport desk.
  • If you show up at the check-in airport desk even after it closes, you will still be qualified for the flat tire rules.

What happens If I Miss My Southwest Airlines?

If the passenger misses their flight with Southwest Airlines, then there are a few consequences that the passenger may face. Here are the guidelines of the missed flight policy unless there are specific exceptions made by the Airline.

  • For a Southwest missed flight without prior notice, a No show fee will be imposed on the customers.
  • Please pay the no-show fee to avoid the cancellation.
  • However, if you inform the Airline immediately, the Airline will assist you in finding an alternative flight without any charges.

How Can I Rebook My Southwest Missed Flight?

When you are ready to catch the flight, but somehow you missed the flight, now what? Don’t worry if you miss the flight. The Airline will allow you to rebook your flight. Thus, you can rebook it through online and offline methods both. Let’s check both ways:

Online Method:

  • First, visit the website of Southwest Airlines.
  • Login into your account and
  • Check if you are eligible for rebooking or not.
  • Now, tap on the My Trip option and enter your booking details.
  • And enter other details like date, name, etc.
  • Now check the available flight
  • Fill in the required details and Confirm your Booking.

Also, you do not need to pay any fee for rebooking your flight for the same route.

Offline Method:

If you miss the Online method because you face a network issue, or have any other technical error, then no worries, as you can rebook the flight with the offline method by just calling the Airline, by following the steps:

  • First, visit the website and go to the Contact Us option.
  • Then, after dialing the number, listen to the IVR option
  • After that, choose to speak with a Representative.
  • Now, speak with a representative and request to rebook your flight.
  • Once the representative agrees, provide them with your details.

Does Southwest Airlines charge for Missing a Flight?

Southwest Airlines cancels flights if the passenger does not reach the airport on time because the airline has a right to make any changes and cancellations at any time. However, if you already inform the Airline then be ready to get the new booking.

However, the Airline will charge you if you book a flight with a nonrefundable flight ticket, and then you will have to pay the Southwest Airlines Missed Flight Fee. The fee ranges between $40 to $400, and this fee is charged as per the ticket and person.


So, by following the above details you will get all the details on SouthWest Airlines Missed Flight Policy, and do not worry if you can not board the flight. Moreover, if the passenger reaches the Airport 2 hours before the flight the Airline will help you to rebook you onto the next flight. However, if nothing works for you, call the Airline and request a refund. And if you are eligible for it, the Airline will provide you without any hassle.