Can I Call KLM on WhatsApp?

Yes, KLM’s 24/7 Social Media Service is a revolutionary new way for customers to connect with the airline. Are you wondering whether KLM provides assistance through WhatsApp? Well, the airline is one of the world’s first airlines with an official WhatsApp business account.

The airline offers 24/7 KLM WhatsApp Service, providing customers with around-the-clock assistance and convenience. After reserving your flight ticket, you’ll get a notification regarding any flight related to details such as confirmation, up-to-date deals, flight details, personal offers, and boarding pass on WhatsApp.

How Do I Talk to KLM on Whatsapp?

Yes, the airline understands the passenger’s perspective and provides 24/7 WhatsApp customer service. Are you planning a trip to the Netherlands and choosing KLM Airlines as a travel companion? But after reserving your flight tickets with KLM, you’re confronting a minor issue while managing your reservation.

Therefore, the airline provides passengers with instant assistance through a verified WhatsApp business account. You can contact the KLM customer representative team 24/7 via WhatsApp (+31206490787).

How Do I Message KLM on Whatsapp?

While flying with KLM Airlines, passengers often confront issues managing their flight reservations. Therefore, the airline introduced a new text messaging solution for passengers to get immediate assistance through WhatsApp.

  • Browse the KLM website on your smartphone.
  • On the homepage navigate to the customer center tab.
  • Click on it, and select the assistance as per your choice.
  • Afterward, a new tab appears, select the assistance you’re seeking.
  • After tapping, you can easily chat with customer representatives.
  • It’ll forward you to the airline WhatsApp tab, click enter to proceed.
  • Write down your query in the chat box to proceed further.

In Which Languages Does KLM Respond on Whatsapp?

To ensure all the passenger’s questions are answered swiftly and efficiently, the airline dedicated a team of professionals available around the clock to assist you in 10 different languages. The airline helps its passengers via WhatsApp in 10 different languages: Dutch, English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, and Korean.

The dedicated team of live agents converse with passengers in their native language and provide personalized customer service. If you reserve your flight ticket with KLM Airlines, you can opt-in to receive stay-up-to-date information regarding your flight via WhatsApp.

What Kind of Messages Do I Receive if I Opt-in for KLM WhatsApp?

If you are opt-in for KLM WhatsApp, you’ll receive notifications about flight updates, special offers, promotions, check-in reminders, and booking confirmation. You may also be sent reminders about upcoming flights and tips on how to make the most of your air travel.

In addition, KLM offers personalized assistance to assist its passengers. You can also stay up-to-date with exclusive offers and promotions only available to KLM subscribers—for instance, flight discounts, seasonal sales, and any policy updates.


Hence, you’ll get the brief details above on how do I talk to KLM on Whatsapp without any hindrance. For further assistance, you can connect with a KLM live agent. To talk to a human at KLM, call KLM contact number 800-618-0104 /1800 419 3044 (Mon- Fri 9:00 am-5:00 pm ET).