Complete Turkish Airlines Multi-City Flight Booking Process

Suppose you are responsible for booking flight tickets for your family as the summer vacations are getting close. And your family wishes to visit multiple places, which may shake your budget. Therefore, Turkish airlines multi-city flight booking is a smart choice to prevent the dent in your pocket and to make your family happy.

Book a multiple flight on Turkish Airlines whenever it suits you, but make sure all your paperwork is in order and on hand.

Multi-stop flights travel nonstop between two or more locations or cities. For instance, consider Turkey as your next vacation spot. You could begin your trip in Istanbul, travel by Air to Antalya, Ankara, and Trabzon, and then end your journey by flying back to Istanbul.

With Turkish Airlines multi stop flights, you can maximize your vacation by spending a few days or up to three weeks at each of your destinations.

Can I Book a Multiple Destination Flight with Turkish?

Yes, you can book international multi-city flights on Turkish airlines, but only to a small number of African nations, such as Tanzania, Matadi, Burkina Faso, and Senegal.

Popular Turkish Multi-Stop Destinations

Check out the most traveled multi-stop routes in Turkey:

Antalya ~ to Ankara ~ to Canakkale

Trabzon ~ to Istanbul ~ to Izmir

Bodrum ~ to Istanbul ~ to Dalaman

Istanbul ~ to Antalya ~ to Ankara

How do I book a Turkish Airlines Multi-City Flight?

Need help finding the online process? Visit the Turkish Airlines website, then the reservation page. To book your multi-town tickets, you can also give the Turkish Airlines representative a call (refer to the next subheading). Now let’s go through the step-by-step procedure below to book multiple destination flights:

Online Method to Book Turkish Multi-city Flight

  • Visit Turkish Airlines website.
  • Then, choose the ‘flight’ option on your browser.
  • Afterward, click “multi-city”
  • Fill in the destinations you are willing to book flight tickets for.
  • Click ‘Add flights’ if you want to arrive at more than two destinations.
  • Select suitable options like cabin class, number of passengers, and their age group from the drop-down list of the ‘Cabin and Passengers selection’ option.
  • Decide on travel dates before making your flight reservation.
  • After providing all the necessary details, select the search flight option.
  • The screen will then display a fresh page. The page will include a list of all flights that are available.
  • Go to the payments area after selecting the desired flight.
  • Once the payment is completed, you will receive an email with a reservation confirmation code. After the payment has been completed successfully, the PNR(Passenger Name Record) is disclosed.

Book Multiple Destination Flight – Offline

Were you finding the online process confusing and lengthy? No worries. You can always speak to a Turkish Airlines agent dial 1 (800) 874-8875 to seek assistance booking your multiplicity flight. All you need to do is provide the required booking details and follow the instructions of the Turkish Airlines representative so that he can effectively help you to complete the multi-stop flight Booking.

In addition to the above process, you can speak to a genuine travel agency to make multiple flight reservations.

Moreover, if you want to learn more about the advantages of multi-location flight booking, continue reading below.

What are the Benefits of Turkish Airlines Multi-City Flights

Turkish Airlines tickets for multi-cities have numerous benefits. It includes:

Cost Saving

Booking a Turkish Air multiple-destination flight can often be more cost-effective than booking separate one-way flights for each destination. Also, deals and discounts may be applicable at the time of your booking.


You can easily travel to multiple destinations without booking separate flights or worrying about connecting flights.


You can customize your itinerary to suit your travel plans, choosing the dates and times that work best for you.

Earn Miles

If you are a member of Turkish Airlines’ Miles Smiles program, you can earn miles on all your plane tickets.

Comfortable Travel

Turkish Air offers a comfortable and luxurious travel experience with state-of-the-art amenities, delicious cuisines, and award-winning service, making multi-stop a pleasure trip.


You can call customer service at 1 (800) 874-8875 or 1 860 590 8822 to book Multi-city flight tickets on Turkish Airlines.

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