How do I Book Southwest Multi City Trips?

Do you want to book a Multi-city Flight? You should select Southwest Airlines to make your travel smooth, the Southwest Airlines Multi City is the right option when Booking an Air travel.

However, You can book a Multi City ticket with Lookflyfares, by following the booking details you can book all the trips in easy steps. Whether you are flying from Los Angeles to Miami or New York or other countries, lookflyafares is there to help you. However, if you want to know the Process, follow the details further.

Southwest Airlines Multi-City Feature

Sitting on a plane for a longer time can be stressful. You may get tired while sitting in the same position for a longer time, thus, it is recommended to make a Multi-City Flight as it allows you to break a trip into various destinations. And that’s how you can check the various places.

Further, Multi city Flights allow passengers to book a flight at a reasonable price rather than making two single bookings. So take the Advantage of the Multi-city Flights and travel in a more relaxed mode.

Various Ways To Book A Multi City tickets on Southwest

As we know, the detailed overview of Southwest Airlines Multi-city tickets now quickly get the details of how to Book Southwest Airlines Multi City Flights. As per the Airlines, passengers can choose online or offline methods to book their flights, and these are:

Book Tickets Online

If you want to book your Flight as a Multi-City, then it is important to know how you can confirm your Southwest Airlines Reservation, thus you can confirm it online, and these steps are:

  • Visit the website of the Southwest.
  • Now, go to the Southwest Airlines Home page and tap on the flight option.
  • Tap on the search Multi City flight option
  • Then, enter your booking departure and Arrival city.
  • Enter the destinations by tapping on the next option.
  • Also, enter the travel date and other required details.
  • Now, enter the passengers, then tap Proceed
  • Check the flight list according to your choice.
  • Tap confirm and make the payment of the Booking.

Book Tickets offline

If you fail to book your Multi city flights with Online methods because of any reason, don’t worry. You can book the Flight through offline methods as well. The steps are:

  • First Visit the Southwest Website
  • Now, find the number on the Contact Us option.
  • Using the Southwest Airlines Phone Number, call the Airline at 1-800-435-9792.
  • Now, listen to the IVR options
  • Press the option that allows you to Speak with a representative.
  • Once connected with a representative, request to book a flight.
  • Provide details and get your booking done.

Also, at last, make the payment when your booking is complete.

What Fare Classes do Southwest Multi-city Tickets have?

Southwest Airlines has 4 Amazing flight class categories such as:

  1. Business Select
  2. Anytime
  3. Wanna Get Away plus
  4. And Wanna Get Away

You can learn each fare’s terms and conditions by visiting the website and checking the Fare rules.

With All Fare Classes, Southwest Offers:

  • Two bags free
  • No change and Cancellation fee
  • And the flight credit doesn’t expire.

Let’s check out every fare class One by One

  • Refundable flight tickets
  • Priority Boarding
  • Complimentary drinks
  • Free Flight entertainment
  • 12 rapid Rewards
  • All Anytime benefits


  • Refundable flight tickets
  • Early bird check-in
  • Priority and the Express lanes
  • 10 Rapid reward points
  • And all wanna get Away Benefits

Wanna Getaway Pus

  • Flights are nonrefundable
  • Flight credits can be transfers
  • Free same-day confirmation of flights
  • 8 rapid reward points
  • And all wanna Get Away Benefits

Wanna Get Away

  • Flights are not refundable
  • Two complimentary bags
  • No fee for cancellation or change of flight
  • Free same-day standby
  • 6 rapid reward points

What are the Advantages of Southwest Multi City Tickets?

Multi City Flights Southwest provides stops for each destination That allows you to check the destination in a shorter time. However, there are various advantages you can get, and these are:

  • With Southwest Airlines, you will get very cheap flight tickets.
  • Multi-city flights Allow traveling to multiple destinations with a single booking.
  • These flights are hassle-free, as you can not book multiple reservations.
  • You can also get multiple deals and discounts with these Flights.
  • You will earn rapid rewards, which will be 6 points for every dollar.
  • The Airline also Provides Early bird check-in,
  • Receive the Flight credit if you have to cancel the flight.
  • You can transfer the credit to someone Else.
  • Enjoy the onboard amenities and in-flight services.

Thus, all these features make Southwest Airlines worth choosing.

What is the Best Time to Book Multi City on Southwest?

Booking a Multi City flight with Southwest, all you have to do is visit the website or call the Airline. However, it is best to book a Multi-city flight in advance. The best time to reserve southwest multi city Ticekts is usually 3 to 4 weeks.

Booking a flight in advance helps you in getting the flight tickets at a lower rate, thus you can maximize your savings.

How to Book a Southwest Airlines Round Trip?

Southwest Airlines Allows you to book round-trip and multi-city flights, or even though you can easily book any of the flights. However, if you want to book the Southwest Round trip, you just need to follow the simple steps mentioned below:

  • Visit the Southwest Airlines website.
  • Go to the home page and select the Round Trip Option.
  • Then, entre the required details.
  • Now, search for the flight, ansd choose that suits you.
  • After that, tap on Proceed and make the payment.

Once all is completed, you will get the confirmation; you can even call the Airline executive to book your round trip. The Airline representative will help you.

Why Should I Choose Multi City Flights with Southwest?

The US has so much to explore. Therefore, you can book Multi-city Tickets with only one itinerary. However, here are some of the reasons you should book the Muti City flights.
The main reason is that Southwest Airlines has a low cost, so you can make the flight booking at a lower fare.

  • You can explore different destinations.
  • The booking is hassle-free, and you do not worry about your reservations.
  • You will get amazing deals and discounts.

Moreover, you can unlock the deals by visiting the best website or by calling the customer service team.

Is it Cheaper to Reserve Southwest Multi City Or Separate Tickets?

Yes. When it comes to booking a long-haul flight, it is always best to book the flights in one itinerary instead of booking one-way flights. However, once you reach there, you can explore various destinations.

For example, if you need to explore destinations A To B, Then C to D, And then fly home from E, Then you should book Southwest Multi City Flights from A to B and then B to C in one single ticket.

What are Multi-City Stopover Flights?

Multi-city stopover flights are 2-stop flights, or we can say that the Multi-City Flights, and these flights are 2 or more stopovers and all that are booked with one itinerary.

How do Southwest Flights with Multiple Stops Work?

The Southwest Multi-city stops over Flight tickets are flight tickets that are more than one destination, and these flight tickets involve connecting flights or simply changing plans, but all the Southwest Multiple stops work to offer you at least 1 night or more than 1 destination.

Do Southwest Airlines get Cheaper in the Last Minute?

No. Southwest Airlines Flights get more expenses at the last minute or closer to the departure date; however, it is always best to book the Flight in advance and get more savings in your flight booking. Travelers can also use the Southwest Low fares calendar to get updates on the booking fee and Fares.

Wrap Up!

The passengers can get the multiple benefits with Southwest Airlines Multi City. The convenience of making a reservation in a single place can save more time and effort. And the main benefit is cost saving over a single booking. Thus, those who want to save money and time can book Multi City Flights.

Moreover, if face any query or issue, call the Southwest customer service Team and get help.