A JetBlue Group Travel: A Complete Guide

Are you planning your Air Travel with JetBlue? Then, check the details of JetBlue Group Travel and make a hassle-free journey with your Group. However, booking a flight is very simple, and it will not require additional effort. So, learn more about Group booking Travel by following the details mentioned below.

What are the Various Types of Groups offered by JetBlue?

There are various groups offered by the JetBlue, and these are as follows:

  • Leisure Groups
  • Meeting Travel
  • Incentives Group

These are the top groups offered by JetBlue. Let’s quickly check out all the steps.

Leisure Groups

When people travel in a group for leisure purposes, such as family vacations or holidays, for Leisure groups, the Airline provides 10% discounts and special fares.

Meeting Travel

For corporate customers, JetBlue provides a custom travel solution. These may include office team trips, conferences, business trips, or employee leisure travel.

Incentives Group

JetBlue provides all the benefits for incentive groups, the same as corporate groups; this is one of the methods to sort out the best office trip. And the JetBlue offers 10% discounts on this Group.

How To Book the JetBlue Group Travel?

If you are planning a Group travel on JetBlue, what is the Process to make a group travel booking? The booking can be done both online and offline. So, take a look at the simple steps for booking:

Online Method:

  • Visit the website of JetBlue
  • Enter the Account details and sign in.
  • Click on the Group Travel
  • Enter the required details.
  • Tap on the search option and Find The JetBlue group booking.
  • Then, again, fill in the details, such as the number of passengers and destination.
  • Complete the booking by making payment.

And finally, you will get the email of flight booking confirmation.

Offline Method: Call the JetBlue Desk

To book your JetBlue Group travel, you can also call the Airlines at +1-888-JETBLUE, and then you can contact with the customer service team and ask for the booking. Know that the call line is from 8 Am to 7 pm and that too From Monday to Friday. So make sure to call at the Right time.

When you connect with Jetblue Customer Service, you can provide the details of your Group and ask for the booking.

JetBlue Group Travel Booking Policy

When you plan to Travel in a Group, it is important to know the necessary details on the Travel Policy, so know the important points:

  • There should be at least 10 people for Group booking.
  • When the group booking is canceled, the amount will be refunded by the Airline.
  • The JetBlue Group travel passengers cannot check in at the Airport Kiosk, online, or through the Mobile Application.
  • All the passengers should check in at the Airport Counter.
  • The Fare of Group booking Travel is valid for 120 dates.
  • The group Travel for a nonrefundable flight is $50 to $150 per seat.

So, it is better to keep all the points in mind before making the Group Travel for a hassle-free Process.

JetBlue Budget-Friendly Destination for Group Travel

Here are the top and most friendly destinations for Group Travel

  • Montego Bay, Jamaica
  • Fort Lauderdale, Florida
  • Cancun, Mexico
  • Nassau, Bahamas
  • Orlando, Florida

These are the top and the most loved destinations for the passengers who are traveling in a group. Passengers can enjoy budget-friendly trips to these destinations.

Is there a Hold Fee for JetBlue Group Travel?

Yes, In case you put your booking on Hold, then there may be a fee that you should know before putting your flight on Hold.

  • For the Non-refundable flight, there will be a $50 per seat as a hold fee.
  • And for the Transatlantic booking, the fee on a refundable flight is $150.

Does JetBlue Provide Discounts on Group Travel?

If the booking is done with JetBlue, you may be looking to get discounts on your booking. However, it is important to know that it is not offer any Discounts on Group Travel. Moreover, there is no lower fare when you are booking a Group Travel. Moreover, it is suggested to check the Airline policy and terms and conditions For better Understanding.


In conclusion, Group Booking travel on JetBlue can be the best option for all travelers, so if you are ready to fly in a Group, book your flight and travel hassle-free. However, if you still have any queries regarding JetBlue Group Travel, you can call the Airline customer service representative and get the details. The team works 24*7 to help the customers. So, call at any time and get what you looking for. Happy Travel!


Does JetBlue offer Group Flights?

Yes, JetBlue offers group flights, but for Group booking, there should be at least 10 or more people, and all these people traveling Together.

How can I book a JetBlue Group Travel?

For the JetBlue Group Booking, you can visit the website and use the online method or directly call the Airline to complete your booking.

How Can I Get JetBlue Group Flight Discounts?

The passengers can get travel discount on JetBlue, also gets benefits by just calling the Airline and asking for ongoing offers and deals.

Is it less expensive to Book a Group Travel on JetBlue?

Yes, it is less expensive as compared to a single booking; the group Travel on JetBlue offers various deals and discounts to customers.