Southwest Flight Delay Compensation & Reimbursement

Most travellers also choose Southwest Airlines from all over the world. Along with the amazing Companion Pass, Southwest is considered one of the best in terms of client satisfaction. Moving toward the flight delay compensation, let’s check out the information added below.

Southwest Delay Compensation Policy

As a world-class airline company, Southwest Airlines always tries its best to operate flights without getting into any delays. But, there are always some conditions when Southwest Airlines don’t have that much control on preventing the delay. The conditions include weather and also mechanical. So, it will be better for you to learn about Southwest Airlines’ compensation policy.

  • Passengers can get their preferred seats on the very next Southwest Airlines flight to their desired destination.
  • Also, travellers can get compensation or a refund from Southwest Airlines for their unused portion of flight tickets.
  • But, travellers need to pay the difference in the ticket when they make a reservation for the new Southwest flight.

How to Get Compensation for Delay Flight on Southwest?

If you want to contact Southwest Airlines customer service to get delay flight compensation, then you need to follow the methods mentioned below carefully:

  • Email address is also referred to as the best to contact Southwest Airlines for delayed flight compensation. You need to go through the official website of Southwest and visit the “Contact Us” page. Here, you will find the “Send us an email” tab. Click on it and send your email directly to Southwest. 
  • If you have the Southwest Airlines Mobile App, then you can also contact a representative to get help for the delayed flight compensation. The mobile app of Southwest is very user-friendly that provides the best platform for passengers to communicate with the representative.
  • Yes, you can call on 1-800-I-FLY-SWA or 1-800-435-9792, or you can visit the Southwest contact us page and find all the Southwest Airlines phone numbers that can help you connect with Southwest customer service representatives.
  • Travelers can send messages directly to the Southwest Twitter Account. Also, this is one of the best and fastest methods to connect with the customer service representative of Southwest Airlines. You can also get responses to your issues or queries within a minute.

How Does Southwest Flight Delay Compensation Works?

Are you willing to know about how Southwest Flight Delay Compensation works? Well, there is no rocket science in that. But, there are some certain points which you need to keep in mind. Look at the information added below to understand it briefly:

  • If your Southwest Airlines flight is delayed for at least 30 minutes or more, you will get an email, SMS, or text from Southwest.
  • Also, you will receive flight delay compensation from Southwest Airlines.
  • The customer service representative of Southwest Airlines also tracks the updated timing of delayed flights.

Southwest Delayed Flight Compensation for 1 hour

According to the Southwest 1-hour delay compensation policy, passengers are allowed to claim compensation or refund from Southwest Airlines when their flight is 1 hour in delay. For in-depth information, you can go through the points added below:

  • Southwest Airlines will provide accommodation facilities to travelers whose flight has been delayed or canceled by 90 minutes.
  • Also, they will get USD 100 from Southwest for their future flight booking.
  • Passengers will get a 100% refund from Southwest Airlines.
  • Also, for a flight delay of 2 hours, passengers will get a travel voucher for $300.
  • Southwest Airlines will put the passengers on priority boarding status.
  • Most importantly, the travel voucher for the delayed flights on Southwest Airlines can get on the largest scale of USD 1350.

What do I Get from Southwest for a Delayed Flight?

When your Southwest Airlines flight gets delayed, you will receive a LUV voucher. With the help of this voucher, travelers can book flight tickets to their desired destination in the future. But, this voucher will not cover fees or taxes. 

Also, the LUV voucher from Southwest Airlines has an expiration date. It will last for one year from the date it gets issued. Also, passengers need to book the flight ticket to their preferred destination within the expiration date. 

Southwest Airlines Notifies of Delays Longer Than 30 Minutes. 

If your Southwest Airlines is delayed for longer than 30 minutes, then you will indeed get notified via email or SMS. Also, during the delay, passengers will get snacks, drinking water, and other facilities from Southwest Airlines at the airport. 


Here, in this blog, you will find out the complete information related to Southwest Delayed Flight Compensation. Check out the flight delay compensation policy of Southwest, along with all other important terms related to delayed flight compensation.