Have you booked your flight tickets with Air France? Do you wish to select the preferred seat that fits your needs? Therefore, the airline offers a wide variety of seating options, and flyers can find a seat that fits their specific needs. You start by browsing the available options, and you realize Air France Seat Selection policy.

However, the airline offers a variety of seating configurations, from single-aisle to double-aisle seating and from window to aisle seating. It’ll allow you to pick the best seat for your travel needs, whether you’re looking for a view or want to be close to the bathroom. Stay tuned with us to get the necessary details to select the desired seat discussed in the subheading mentioned below.

How do I Select Seats on Air France?

If you have booked a flight with Air France for your upcoming journey and wish to secure a seat of your choice. The airline provides Policy at Air France seat selection with multiple options to accommodate your needs.

You can easily select your desired seat either through its website, mobile app, or by contacting its Customer Service team.

To ensure you get the seat of your preference, make sure that Air France selects a seat at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled departure time. It is a simple process that will help you enjoy hassle-free air travel.

  • Firstly, Visit the Air France official website
  • Once the homepage appears on your screen, click the “Book a Flight” option.
  • Enter the necessary details for your flight and click “Continue.”
  • Select the desired class of travel, such as Economy, Business, or First Class, that best suits your budget.
  • On the next page, the available flight list appears on your screen.
  • Choose the flight that works best for your schedule and click “Continue.”
  • Click on the “Seat Selection” option and enter “Continue.”
  • Pick a seat you would like to reserve from the available seating map.
  • Select the “Confirm” option to book the selected seat.
  • Select your payment method and tap “Confirm” to finish the reservation.

Air France Seat Reservation Options

The airline aims to make air travel flawless for its precious flyers. But, the wide range of seating options might confuse passengers when selecting a seat. To get deep insights into Air France seat policy, check out the below key pointers. However, the airline offers top-tier inflight assistance in any cabin you fly with on Air France. 

  • Economy Class

If you’re traveling on a low budget, then Air France Economy class is an ideal way to travel overseas without breaking the bank. The airline designed the Economy class to make air travel accessible for everyone cost-effectively.

The airline has something for everyone, with a generous luggage allowance, complimentary food & beverages. You can even accommodate yourself with a wide range of entertainment options in flight, such as a headset and touchscreen display in each aircraft with wifi connectivity.

  • Premium Economy class

The airline offers the utmost flying experience with an extra set of benefits to make air travel flawless without any hindrance. You can choose the Air France Premium Economy seat to get the most out of your air travel.

With the premium economy seat selection, you’ll get a spacious Air France seat size with extra legroom, an upgraded meal, priority check-in, and access to the Air France Lounge.

However, the airline allows passengers a generous baggage allowance with two baggage items and two carry-on bags.

  • Business Class

If you don’t want to compromise with comfort, you can choose Air France Business Class to experience luxurious air travel with top-notch onboard amenities. The airline designed a business class to make air travel pleasurable and luxurious.

Whether you want a convertible seating option or entice your taste buds with an ultimate in-flight dining experience, Air France Business Class can make your air travel more comfortable. Even the airline provides personalized service with dedicated aircrew in business class.

  • La Première Class 

Air France La Première class is ranked as one of the best first-class worldwide. If you’re looking for private space with superior comfort, you can choose Air France La Première class. But keep in mind that the airline offers a first-class cabin on a selective aircraft in a flagship route.

From the moment you step onboard, La Première class offers you a luxurious and exclusive travel experience. La Première class flyers can convert their seats into a bed or even comfy private cabins with various entertainment and dining options.

How Much Does Air France Charge for Seat Selection? 

You can even check the Air France seat selection charges to select your preferred seat in advance while reserving your flight tickets or through the My Bookings tab.

The charges vary depending on your purchased fare type, travel dates, and destination. Please note you can pay seat selection charges using Flying Blue Miles or Blue Credits.

If you get further assistance in choosing your preferred seat ahead of time and Air France seat selection, get in touch with a live person at Air France by calling the customer service line at 1 (800) 237-2747.

How do I Pick a Seat on Air France After Booking?

If you have already booked your flight tickets with Air France but forgot to select your seats while making a reservation, no worries! You can choose or make amends on your seats after making a final decision through the “My Bookings” tab on the official web portal of Air France.

To help you out, follow the steps provided below to learn the Air France seat selection procedure.

  • Firstly, Open the official web portal of Air France on your device and sign into your account with credentials.
  • Once the homepage appears on your screen, select the “My Bookings” option from the menu.
  • On the My Bookings page, locate your booked flight and select “View/Change Seats.”
  • Select the cabin type and choose your preferred seat on the “View/Change Seats” tab.
  • Confirm the seat selection by clicking “Confirm Seats.”
  • Once the seat selection is confirmed, your seat number and details will be displayed on the screen.

How do you Choose a seat on all Air France flights?

Are you looking for a window or aisle seat? You can sit next to your favorite person or companion you are traveling with. While booking the flight ticket, get the seats of your choice. Whether it’s a standard seat, premium or premium economy, or in a business cabin, airlines provide the appropriate prices to get the seats in advance.

Air France gives paid services on all flights upto 30 hours prior to the scheduled departure. The free seating totally depends upon the availability and the travel destination. So to choose the right seats, you must read out the following information.

Complimentary Standard, Premium, and Business seat selection:

Your standard, premium, and business seating are always free, no matter what your destination is in the following cases:

  • Platinum, gold, and silver members of Flying Blue on the same booking.
  • Travelers have reduced mobility.
  • Children, if they are flying alone.
  • Passengers who choose the flex fare.
  • US, Mexico, and Canada travelers can choose these types of seats for free.

How can you purchase standard, business, or premium seats with Air France?

Air France allows you to get seats in the standard, premium, and business class in the given ways.

While purchasing the ticket:

  • Get the Air France preferred seats on their website or on the mobile app.
  • Through the official Air France ticket office or with the travel agents.
  • Purchase the seats on the phone with the customer representative.

After purchasing the flight ticket:

  • Choose the seats anytime after the booking upto 30 hours prior to the scheduled departure on the My Booking section.
  • Talk to the representative on the phone for assistance.
  • Reach out to the Air France ticket office or the travel agents.

Seats for the families traveling with the children on Air France:

  • For families who are going to fly with children of 14 years or older, airlines will reserve the seats automatically for free upto two days prior to the scheduled departure.
  • Airlines make every possible effort to ensure that you sit together until and unless you have included all the members in the same booking.
  • The exact seat location is on the boarding pass online at the time of check-in.
  • If you want any preferred seats, you can pick the same as soon as possible.
  • You can pay the fees online, at booking, or anytime through the My Bookings.
  • Families traveling with a child of 2 years of age or less cannot get the standard, premium, or business class seats.
  • One can access this service by contacting the customer service team.

Seat selection for the children traveling alone:

Children who get the kids solo service and board the flight alone can get the standard seats without any charges. You must indicate about the children traveling alone at the time of reservation. Here are the ways of choosing the seats for the children for free.

  • At the time of getting the flight ticket online.
  • After the flight purchase through the My Bookings facility.


This is the complete information about choosing the right seats for your destination. However, you can change the seating location and travel dates or transfer the seats to the new flight. If you don’t get the seats you already selected, you can ask for a refund. Also, talk to the customer service team and ask for help.