Jetblue Lost and Found: Complete Guide

Whether you’re looking for the damaged, delayed, or bags you left behind on your flight, you may directly reach out to JetBlue Airways lost and found executive. However, the airline understands the passenger perspective of losing the grasp of personal – something important.

Therefore, JetBlue airline has introduced a lost and found department so passengers can easily share their concerns and get expedited assistance.

Once you’ve submitted your lost baggage request, the airline will do everything to ensure your luggage arrives at your place safely. If you’ve left something behind on your flight that values you the most, the airline still has some steps to help passengers recover their precious item.

Let’s get directly into what you should do at the time of delayed, missed, or lost luggage.

How do I Speak to the Lost and Found Department?

It’s quite common if your luggage has been lost or delayed. If your bags have been lost, delayed, or damaged, it’s essential to make a bag claim with JetBlue staff while you’re available at the airport. In case you left the airport and after you’ll find that your item has been missing.

In that case, please speak to JetBlue Central for Baggage Services by dialing 1-866-538-5438 within 4 hours of arriving. Stay calm, the airline will do its best to make sure you’ll get your lost item back.

How Does JetBlue Baggage Lost and Found Work?

No matter what kind of baggage issue you’re confronting, here are the following baggage-related issue addressed by the airline:

Damaged Baggage

The airline aims to take care of its passenger’s checked luggage carefully. But after all that, the item might likely suffer from minor harm during transit or be lost. If you’re at the airport and observe damage to your item, you must reach out to the airline’s lost and found department as soon as possible.

JetBlue Baggage Lost and Found Desk at the Airport

Visit the airline lost and found the department to submit the damaged item request. After that, the representative will issue PIR along with the lost item status reference. Flyers can easily track and access all the details about lost item reports. In some airports, the JetBlue team will provide the passenger replacement for the lost luggage.

JetBlue Baggage Claim Online

If you already leave the air terminal and realize your luggage has been lost, you may have seven days from the date of baggage receipt to claim lost item compensation. To do so, you have to complete the JetBlue Airways lost and found luggage compensation form embedded on its official website or reach out to the airline by dialing the JetBlue lost luggage phone number.

Documentation Required for Submitting Lost Baggage Request

Whether you choose an offline or online method, you must submit some documents to be eligible for JetBlue Airways lost and found luggage compensation, which includes-

  • Baggage receipt and your booked flight ticket printout
  • Luggage tag of the lost item
  • Details of the lost luggage or damage estimate on the item.

How to Claim Lost Baggage on JetBlue?

If you leave the airport and you’ll find that your item has been missing, you may have 14 days to report your lost luggage online. You can easily submit the lost luggage request by filling out the form embedded on JetBlue Airlines’ official website or mobile app.

Before filling out the form, you must be prepared for some basic queries about the lost item. Here are the steps to fill out the JetBlue lost and found form-

  • Visit on your device.
  • Navigate to the JetBlue baggage claim option.
  • Tap-click on the “Lost or Found” option.
  • Fill out some basic details of lost baggage.
  • Select the option if your item was checked or unchecked.
  • To proceed further, click on the submit a report option.
  • It’ll take you to the next page.
  • Now you’ve to fill out the brief details about the lost item.

Now you can easily explain what you’ve lost while flying with JetBlue Airways and receive a claim for lost items. Let’s check out the instruction to fill out the form instantly.

Follow the Steps Below to Fill out the Lost and Found Manner Wise-

  • You may have to give the category and sub-category of the item you’ve lost.
  • Mention the color of your lost item.
  • If you know the lost brand or model name item, mention it.
  • Fill out the dimension or sizes of the item with the serial number.
  • Enter the date when you lost the item.
  • Explain in the given box about the lost item in your words any specification.
  • Fill out your contact details.
  • Enter your flight details to proceed further.
  • Review the form and check that all the information you’ve entered is correct.
  • At last, submit the request.

After that, you’ll immediately get a confirmation mail of the lost item request from the JetBlue lost and found department.

What to do if the Item is Lost at the Airport?

If you lost your item at the airport or plane, like around the TSA security point or in the customs area, you must consider contacting the airport and asking them about the lost item. Please note that the airport dedicated a webpage for lost and found items on the airport with a designated email address and contact number.

If you’re wondering whether your luggage was lost at the airport or plane, you may still get a follow-up with the airport’s lost and found department. There’s some probability that your item may bounce around and end up in different areas of the airport.

Does JetBlue Airlines Return the Lost Items?

However, the procedure for finding your lost baggage or item will look something like this-

  • Once you’ve submitted the lost item request
  • JetBlue staff will do their best to locate your item
  • Once they find your item, the airline will send you a notification
  • Then you’ve to verify the ownership of the found item.
  • After that, the airline makes shipping arrangements to recover your item.

Unlike other global airlines, traveling with JetBlue Airways makes you more likely to recover your lost item. The airline staff do their best to ensure the lost luggage is returned safely to their owner.

However, the items left or lost on a plane are surely returned to their owner on priority. If you’ve left an item on the plane, don’t lose hope; reach out to the airline’s lost and found department.

How Long does It Usually Take to Find Lost Luggage?

You must submit the lost baggage report to claim your item if your bag has been lost. In case this is a simple issue of delayed baggage, it’ll return to its owner in the next three days.

However, JetBlue Airways uses a tracer system to find lost baggage. Typically, it’ll take 2 to 3 days to find the lost item and dispatch the items to its owner.

What Happens If I Lose my Passport or Document on a Plane?

If you lost your passport on the flight, you will need a replacement passport to enter the United States. However, airlines do not destroy your passport if they find it. Your passport will be directly sent to the US Department of State or Lost/Stolen Passport Section.

Please note that all other personal documentation will be destroyed immediately. Even the items never claimed will be destroyed or donated to charity.


The key aspect of retrieving the lost item with JetBlue is to act ASAP before it gets too late. You must submit a lost item request to the JetBlue Lost and Found Department to claim your baggage. For further assistance, you may directly reach out to the JetBlue lost and found department.