How Can I Book Group Travel On Frontier Airlines?

Are you planning to go on a Trip with your loved ones? Or is there a business meeting that you need to attend urgently? Then, you do not have to worry because Frontier Airlines Group Travel makes your travel easy.

The feature of Frontier Group Travel provides an easy journey with their loved ones without any hassle. Further various benefits one can get if looking to book a reservation. Hence, if you want to know how this works and what the procedure is, then know the policy before diving into the process.

Frontier Airlines Group Travel Booking Policy

  • The Group should have at least 10 people to book the group travel.
  • Frontier Airlines allows you to change the name free of cost if you select the group booking.
  • The Airlines charge the same booking fee as it follows the standard fare booking options.
  • The group can hold the booking for up to 60 days if required.
  • At the time of Multiple flight booking, passengers can book both direct and nonstop flights.
  • If the booking is made with nonrefundable flight tickets, then each passenger will be charged the same fee.

Thus, knowing the related policies, terms & conditions is important before booking the travel. Now that we know all the terms and conditions let’s quickly get into the booking procedure.

Various Ways to Book the Frontier Airlines Group Travel

For passengers traveling with a group of 10 or more people, making a Frontier Airlines booking is beneficial, so if you want to know the Process, then follow the various ways to make an easy booking with your loved one.

Book Through Frontier Official Website

  • Go to your browser and visit Frontier Airlines Website
  • Now, find the Group Booking Option
  • Tap on that, and fill in the required details,
  • such as travel dates, destination, and the passenger’s name.
  • And now, choose the city of departure and the Arrival and the contact details.
  • Fill in all the details, and complete payment for booking.

At last, review your details, and then the Airline will send you a confirmation of your booking; however, if you face any issues while making the online booking, then you can choose to call the Airline to book your travel.

Book Through Frontier Group Travel Form

Booking a Flight using the form is similar to booking through the website, so book through the Frontier Airlines Group Travel Form. Follow the simple steps mentioned below:

  • Visit the website of Frontier Airlines
  • Go to My Booking Option, Tap on it,
  • Now, you will see the form, contact number, and other details.
  • Choose the Booking Form and TAP on it.
  • Now, you just fill out the Form using the details and documents required.
  • After completing the details, attach the documents such as your official ID, etc.
  • Tap on Continue, and you will be redirected to the payment page.
  • Make the payment and complete your booking.

When you submit the form by providing all the details, the Airline will send you the confirmation, in the same mail that you have at the time of booking. Save the ticket details and use them when you board the flight.

Book Through Calling the Frontier Airlines

This offline method is the easiest and the most convenient way to book a group Travel. All you have to do is call the Frontier Airlines Group Travel Phone Number and follow the steps:

  • Visit the Website of Frontier Airlines
  • Find the contact number and Dial it.
  • After dialing the Number, you have to listen to the IVR options
  • Press the option as per your choice
  • Then, wait to connect with the live person.
  • Once connected, request for Group Travel Booking
  • Provide all the booking details, your travel date, destinations, Number of travel, etc.
  • After that, the live person will send you available flight details.
  • You can choose that suits you best
  • Now, make the Payment and complete your booking.

At last, you will get the details of your booking in your provided email; you can save it on your phone and print out a copy of the confirmed ticket because it will be required when you board the flight.

Important Note: On the 1st of February 2024, Frontier Airlines Announces the new Program “Biz Travel for Less,” offering low-cost Business Travel and more Content.

This “Biz Travel for Less” Program starts the Flights at $129 for one-way flights. This also includes:

Free carry-on,
Free Premium Seats
Priority Boarding
No/Change and Cancel Fee.

What are the Benefits of Frontier Airlines Group Travel?

If you make the Group booking with Frontier Airlines, you will get various benefits, and some of the benefits are listed below:

  • The passengers will get the Priority check-in and the boarding if booking in a group.
  • The group travel allows the passengers to make half the payment when making the reservation and half the amount later.
  • The group members are allowed to carry extra baggage.
  • Every Group booking on Frontier Airlines gets a dedicated customer service team throughout the booking and check-in process.
  • All the passengers can travel together as the frontier airlines allow the passengers to sit together while flying.

So, know all the benefits so that you can make the most of your travel and get more confident while flying with your loved ones.

How many Boarding Groups does Frontier Airlines have?

Frontier Airlines has 7 Boarding Groups that are based on the flight booking you have made. Of all 7 Frontier group booking zones, 4 are named Frontier Zones. Let’s have a look at all of Them:

  • Priority Boarding/Board First: this group will be assigned to those passengers who have bought the board first or have elite status.
  • Travelers with special Requirements: In a Group passengers who require special assistance while boarding will come under this group.
  • Courtesy Boarding: those families who have an infant or have a child younger than 3 years, come in this group.
  • Zone 1: Tose passengers who have booked their flight either for work or have a perks bundle, the airline will be given Zone 1.
  • Zone 2: This zone is given to those passengers who sit at the back of the plane.
  • Zone 3: Those passengers who sit in the middle of the plane can be allotted in this zone.
  • Zone 4: last, this zone is allotted to those passengers who sit at the Front of the Plane.

So, while boarding, make sure you know about which zone you are going to sit in because it can make it easy for you while you board the plane.

How Can I Get the Priority Boarding on Frontier Airlines?

For Frontier Airlines Priority Boarding, there are various ways through which you can get that, the first one is to become a Frontier Miles Elite Member, which you can get by earning 20000 Miles. This you will get if you use the Master card while booking your Flight. You will also get other ways to upgrade it when booking, let’s see:

  • Board First: with this option, you can select to pay for the carry-on separately. Passengers have the option to add Board First. This can be only given if the passengers buy the bags.
  • Work Bundle: This option includes the checked bags and the carry-on, seat selection, etc, and the option to change the flight.
  • Perk Bundle: This Bundle includes zone 1 priority boarding and all the other things the same as the work bundle.

With these options, you can easily get the Priority Boarding.

Can I Add a Passenger on Frontier Flight?

Yes, you can add the passenger on Frontier Airlines, if you are booking a Flight for a group of people. If you reserved the flight with Frontier Airlines and now want to travel with an even larger group, then you can add multiple travelers to your booking, and if you face any issues, call the airline’s customer Service team.

Why can’t I book a Group Travel on Frontier Airlines?

If you want to know why you can not make the group booking, know that at this moment, Frontier Airlines does not offer travel for 10 or more 10 people; however, if you want to travel in a larger group, you can make multiple reservations to avoid any hassle.


As we come to the conclusion part, if you want to explore new cities with your family or friends, then making a Frontier Airlines Group Travel Booking is the Right choice. As we mentioned earlier, this will help in upgrading your travel experience, and you can enjoy the whole journey hassle-free. However, to know more about it you can call customer service and get help.