How Can I Select the Seats on British Airways?

When Booking a Flight with British Airways, and deciding the proper seat can enhance your overall travel experience. While some passengers, such as First class or executive club members, can enjoy the complimentary British Airways Seat Selection, others may need to pay the fee.

However, if you want to know more about the seat selection Process and policy, along with the applicable Fee, then read the blog carefully and get the complete details.

British Airways Seat Selection Policy

The Seat Selection Policy of British Airways allows the passenger to upgrade the overall travel experience, so before diving into the process of seat Selection, let’s get the quick details on the policy.


The seat selection of British Airways can be done during booking and at the time of Check-in.
Passenger have the option to choose their preferred seats like window seats, extra legroom seats, or aisle.
No fee will be charged if you change your seat within your particular class before 24 hours.
After 24 hours, a change fee will be charged. The less time left for the departure, the more fee will be applied.

Note: It is recommended to review your specific option for the seat selection before making the booking, as specific details may vary, and further you can contact the Airline as well.

Who is Eligible for British Airways Seat Selection?

If you want to make a seat Selection of British Airways, and want to check the eligibility then follow the details mentioned below:

  • Those who are traveling with First Cabin.
  • If you are a one world executive club member
  • Blue members can select the seats within 24 hours.
  • Passengers can select their seats with flexible flight tickets at the time of flight booking.

What is the Process of Seat Selection on British Airways?

The passenger can select their seats in different ways, that is, through the Manage My Booking option that you will see on the Website or at the Chcek-in time, and the process remains almost the same for both ways:

Seat Selection Through Manage My Booking

  • Visit the official website of British Airways
  • Log in to the account
  • Now enter details, and below, you will see the seat option.
  • Tap on that and view and change.
  • Now, follow the instructions and choose your seat.
  • Now, make the payment and confirm your seat.

After all the steps and details the Airlines will send you a confirmation.

Seat Selection at check-in Time

Passenger can also select their seat at check-in time, the check-in opens 24 hours, you can simply follow the check-in process and tap to check the seat selection option, and if the option is not there, that means you are not eligible for seat selection, and the Airline provides you a seat with no extra cost.

At the time of Check-in, the British Airways Select Seats option is free except for the basic fare. Moreover, we recommend you choose in advance to maximize the benefits.

What type of seats can I Get during BA Seat Selection?

There are 4 types of classes that British Airways has, and if you want to select your seats, these are as follows:

Economy Class: In economy class, passengers can get free seat selection when Booking a Flight.

First class seats: The first class seats provide more space and luxury, and the seats that convert into lie-flat beds also offer additional features such as a private wardrobe and dining menus.

Premium Economy: These British Airways Premium Economy seat selections provide extra legroom, more comfort, and a Private experience.

Business Class Seats: These seats offer privacy and more space with the lie-flat seats.

Which Seats are Best on BA?

On British Airways best seats are consider the seats that is upper deck of A380, because it provides the more storage space for passengers, the exit seats row can also be good as these seats have extra legroom.

Can I Get a Free Seat on British Airways?

Yes, passengers can get the Britsih Airways seat selection without paying a fee and then travel to their favored destination while saving a cost. Now, let’s check the scenarios in which you can get a free Seat upgrade.

  • When you pick your seats before 24 hours schedule departure.
  • If you are traveling with an infant
  • And if you are an executive club member or have first-class seats.
  • If you are flying in a group of people that is 9 or more
  • In many cases, executive club members, Bronze, Silver, or Gold, can get free seats.

Note: The availability of these seats is Subject to booking conditions. Contact the Airline customer service to get more details.

How Much Is the BA Fee for The Seat Selection?

The British Airways Seat Selection fee varies on the flight that you have booked, the type of class, and your personal preferences however, the breakdown of the fee of British Airways:

British Airways Economy seat selection Cost

For Extra Legroom Seats$75
International Flights with Twin seats$45
Seats for the UK and European Flights$30

Premium Economy or Business Class cost

For Extra Legroom$75
Standard seats$27
Club Europe Seats$30
Seats for longer international flights$8.3

Note: The bulkhead seats are reserved for the passengers who are traveling with the infant under the age of 2.

No Fee will be charged for a Disabled Person

Those passengers have a disability, and if they want a particular seat because of their comfort, then the airline will not charge them a British Airways seat selection Cost. These passengers can easily get the seat selection through the manage my booking option or by calling the Airline. The steps for selecting seats are as follows:

  • First, book a flight
  • Inform the Airline at least 48 hours before.
  • Choose your seats and contact the airline for assistance.

How Can I Get a Refund for Seat Selection on BA?

If you have made the seat selection by paying a fee, then you will get the guaranteed seat, but if the Airline does not provide you seats even though you paid for them, then you can ask for the Airline to claim your seat selection refund, the claim of the refund can be made by the following ways.

  • Claim through Calling: By calling the Airline and informing them, you will easily claim your refund, but you have to submit the proper details as proof.
  • Claim through Email: mailing the Airline for the claim of your refund can be a good choice. With this, you can easily attach the documents, and by providing them with the details, you can get your money back.

What are the Restrictions for BA Seat Selection?

There are a few restrictions you may face while selecting your seats, and these are:

  • Some fare classes on British Airways are not allowed for seat selection.
  • Some seats have age restrictions, such as the emergency exit rows. This is because of safety.
  • Premium seat Selection: premium seats may have extra fees because of the extra legroom.
  • Those seats that have specific features for passengers with special needs or disability may have restrictions with safety regulations.

Why can’t I Pick My seat with British Airways?

When passengers who are traveling with an economy do not have a seat selection option, these passengers are not allowed to select their seats. Besides, every passenger can book a flight with British Airways.

What if I don’t Choose my seat on British Airways?

  • If you do not select your seat with Britsih Airways, then you will get the seats that are automatically assigned by the Airline.
  • You will not have the option of greeting the desired seats.
  • The Airline provides the seats only on the affordability.
  • The Airline always saves 30% of the seats for those who do not select their seats at the time of booking or the time of Check-in.
  • When the Airline provides you with a seat, in that case, you do not need to pay the extra fee.


By selecting a seats on British Airways you can be assured of getting a more convenient and Relaxing setas. However, it is important to get through the British Airways Seat Selection Policy and the process carefully for hassle-free Travel. Also consider calling the Airline customer service team if you face any issue while selecting your seats, the team will provide you instant help. So wait no more and select your seat now to get the best travel experience.