Multi-city Flights Provide Flexibility to Travelers when they are planning to travel to multiple destinations in a single Trip. The Air Canada Multi City option offers several benefits to passengers and saves them from hassle-free multiple bookings for every destination.

Passengers can combine all the flights into one booking, which makes the process easy even at the time of cancellation or changes in flight. So, let’s find out how you can book your Multi-city Flight with Air Canada, what will be the benefits, and other related details. So continue to read further.

What are Air Canada Multi-city Flights?

The Multi-city Flights of Air Canada is a flight that combines 2 or more different cities. This can be done by flying to one city and connecting to another one. These flights can be cheaper than the single flights to each city, and this will also help the travelers to explore more in a single booking.

Things to know About Canada Multi-city Flights

For the Multi-city Flights, there are a few things that you should know, these are:

  • Within 24 hours, Passengers are allowed to make any changes to their flight
  • When passengers want to change their flight name, then there should be only minor connections are allowed.
  • If the passenger made any mistake at the time of booking, then they have to pay the charges.

Why should I Book Multi-city Flights within Canada?

If you are flying within Air Canada, whether you are flying from the UK, US, or around the globe, there is so much that you can explore, from beautiful cities to breathtaking parks. However, because of the Country’s size, passengers should take two flights between cities to make the most of it and explore as much as possible.

Instead of just visiting one city, you should break your trip, get a flight, and pack as many as possible to explore different cities.

The Most popular Multi-city Stops in Canada

We have mentioned a few popular multi-city flight routes within Canada that you can consider while booking your flight.

  • London To Toronto to Calgary
  • New York to Vancouver to Calgary
  • London to Toronto to Montreal
  • Montreal to Toronto to Calgary

Important Tips for Getting a Multi-city Reservation on Air Canada:

To make a multi-city flight booking easy and hassle-free, there are a few tips you should know to get the best flights.

  • Be Flexible with travel dates: Flexibility can provide the option to you to save more on your flight tickets.
  • Book your flight in advance: By making a reservation in advance is genuinely useful. Airlines provide reductions to those passengers who are booking in advance.
  • Join Loyalty Programs: Frequent flyers can get the Loyalty Program, and then redeem them to book your flights.
  • Choose different Airports: consider the different Airports sometimes flying into different airports helps in result in saving a huge amount.

How Can I Book Multi-city Flights with Air Canada?

Also, passengers can save more by booking these flights. Thus, if you are not familiar with the Air Canada Multi City Booking process and to book, follow the steps mentioned below:

Steps to Book Flights on Air Canada

  • Visit the website of Air Canada flights
  • Then go to the Manage My Trip option and find the flights.
  • Tap on the Flights tab and choose the ticket type.
  • Enter the flight details, date destinations, etc.
  • Now, tap on the Continue option and click on the Submit option.
  • Then, pay the booking charges and complete the booking.

Then, the airline will send you a confirmation of your booking, and then you can save it by going to your email box because you will need to share this at the time of boarding.

Book Through Calling the Airline

To book through the Air Canada Phone Number, you can visit the website and find the number. After that, dial it and Speak with a representative to book your flight. The simple steps are:

  • Visit the Website of the Air Canada.
  • Go to the Contact Us option and find the Phone number.
  • After that, dial the number and listen to the IVR options carefully.
  • Press 1 to book the flight.
  • Press 2 to make changes to your booking.
  • Press 3 for the refund. Update
  • Press 4 to speak with customer service.
  • Press 0 to listen to all the IVR options once again.
  • After listening to all the IVRs carefully, choose one that suits you.
  • Provide all the details and request for booking.
  • Make the payment and complete the booking.’

Once all is done, the airline will provide you with a confirmation of your booking, and then you can save the ticket to use at the Airport. Other than this, the Airlines provide different ways, Such as booking at the Airport and booking through email or social media platforms.

Is Booking a Multi-City Cheaper?

There is no fixed thing as such because it depends on the Airline and the destinations you are looking for, but yes, booking a flight for multiple destinations in Air Canada can be sharper than booking a single flight. The airline provides discounts on bulk booking, so booking in advance can also help you in saving huge cash.

What is the Difference Between a Muti-city Trip and a Round Trip?

A multi-city flight is a return flight that one can take from the original destination to multiple destinations. These are 2 or more flights, and each one has a different itinerary. The Round Trip is the flight that you can take from your origin to your Travel destinations. Thus, these are the main differences between these two flights.


The Air Canada multi-city flight provides cheaper flights for those who select different places in a single trip. And the Flexibility provides the best option for adventure. However, by booking the flight layout in advance and by staying flexible for travel dates, you will get the best flight option. Moreover, By following the above details on the Air Canada Multi City flight, you can travel with ease.