How Can I Book Avianca Group Travel?

Traveling at the time of vacation means traveling in a Group. The group can be family, friends, or colleagues. However, if you are traveling with Avinaca and want to book Avianca Group Travel, then you should have at least 10 people to book a flight.

Avianca Airlines Offers group booking and allows customers to book many seats at once. So continue to read further to know more about Group Booking, and policy Procedures and get the desired help.

Avianca Group Travel Policy | Term & Condition

Before we dive into the group booking procedure, we should know the Avianca Group Travel Policy and other related terms and Conditions as it helps you in booking a flight hassle-free.

  • For the Group Booking on Avianca Maximum, 9 people are Required.
  • On the selection of the round trip, the fee for group booking covers the trip.
  • When a booking is made with a Group, the airline Provides various deals and Discounts.
  • With the group booking, the maximum wait limit may Apply.
  • Group travel provides special assistance and services to senior citizens.
  • A single ticket on the group booking can not be done.
  • The flight with Group Booking is nonrefundable.
  • After flight cancellation, no refund will be provided.
  • Some special terms and conditions may apply to the name change or modifications.

So, these are the few things that you should be aware of while making a group trip with Avianca Airlines. Now, let’s check the ways through which you can easily make an Avianca Airline Group Booking.

Ways to Book Avianca Group Travel

If you are flying with 10 people, this booking option is for you, as traveling in a group is better with family and Friends, so make the booking by following the below steps:

Avianaca Group Booking Online

  • First, visit the website and tap on Flights.
  • Choose Group Booking and Request for Quote.
  • You can request the quote by filling out the online Form.
  • Once Avianca Airlines sends you a quote, proceed.
  • Now Provide the booking details, such as
  • Your destinations, Group Details, name, Number, etc.
  • Now follow the On-screen Instructions and
  • Complete the booking by making the payment.

Also, before making the payment you can choose special assistance, or choose seats according to your preferences. But now, the fee will be there for the special requirements if you have them.

Avianaca Group Booking Offline

The offline booking can also be done on Avianca Airlines. If you face any issues or difficulties, you can book the group travel by calling the customer service representative. Keep reading to know the steps:

  • First, go to the Avianca website.
  • Now, find the Avianca Group Travel Number
  • After that, dial the number and speak with a representative.
  • Now, get the Group booking quote
  • And if you agree, provide the details.
  • Then, proceed by making the payment.

Note: To get the Quote you should enter the basic details using the form, and it should be done at least 48 hours. And then the airline will send you all the offers to your email address.

How is the Payment of Group Booking done on Avianca?

With the group booking on Avainaca, the payment can be divided into 2 parts, that is:

  • The passenger has to make the initial deposit when getting the quote.
  • And the rest of the amount when confirming the booking.

Avianca sends the payment link for both to your email address, but know that these payment options are non-refundable, and the rest of the details you will get on the booking contract.

Can I Make the Changes to Avianca Group Travel?

Yes. Passengers are allowed to make any changes, but with conditions, and these are:

Before the Ticket Confirmation:

To make any changes you have to send the Request to the Airline using your email, and also know that the change fee may apply. However, if you are required to add more passengers the Avainaca consider the available fares at the time of the Request.

After the Ticket Confirmation:

Avianca Airlines only allows you to make 20% changes in the booking after your flight gets confirmed, and if you require more changes contact Avinaca Customer Service, and ask them to make changes to your booking, but again the fee may Apply.

What are the Benefits of Avianca Group Travel?

The Group Booking on Avianca Airlines comes with various benefits, such as:

Personalized Travel Services: throughout the booking process, the Avianca Airlines team will guide and help you with your Booking.
Special Prices: With group booking, Aivanace Airlines provides special offers and a group rate for 10 people or more than that.
Classic Fares: the passenger can travel with the advantage of Classic fares.

These are the benefits one can get with group booking. If you want to know more, visit the website or contact the customer service team.

How to Get Avianca Group Travel Discount?

With the Avianca flights, you can easily get the Avinaca Group travel Discounts by following the below tips:

  • Search on the multiple sites to get the cheaper flights.
  • Know your travel dates and destinations.
  • Set the fare alerts to get a quick update on the deals and discounts.
  • Use the Miles or Accured Points for Discounts.
  • Use connecting flights to get the savings.

Is it Possible to Request a Group Booking without Baggage?

NO. As per the recent update, Avianca is not allowed to book without baggage. All bookings have the conditions of baggage and the classic fares, and it is fine to add bags the day before the booking confirmation.


Avianca Airlines makes the Group easy, with the cheapest fares, a huge number of destinations, and personalized services, whether you are making a group travel with your friends or family, the Airline ensures you have hassle-free travel. Further, if you face any issues regarding your Avianca Group travel, you can simply talk to the customer service representative and get the Help. Happy Travel!