How Can I Book American Airlines Group Travel?

If you are traveling with a large group of 10 people or more than that from the USA to any destination together then choose the American Airlines Group Travel. AA offers you a Group and Meeting travel option to book your flights.

Thus you can book the Flights and save more than individual flight booking. So get ready to get the leisure travel or have a meeting, so let’s find out the details of the group Booking and for what options you are eligible.

Who can Book the American Airlines Group Travel?

Those who are traveling in a group of 10 people or more than can book the group flights, and those who are eligible for the Group booking are:

  • The General passengers
  • Travel Operators
  • Travel agents

General passengers can book the flight with AA as a group leader. Still, with the travel agent and tour operators ARC and the IATA authorization, it is compulsory to book the flight tickets for their Clients.

How Does AA Group Travel Work?

The American Airlines have 4 different groups and these are categorize with the passengers needs. Take a look at the Table Mentioned Below:

Group 1For the Executive Platinum Members
Group 2Platinum Pro Members
Group 3One world Sapphire Members
Group 4American Airlines Gold Members

So, if you are a member of any of these groups, you can get the flight according to this.

Terms and Conditions of American Airlines Group Travel

To get the Hassel free travel, you have to go through the terms and conditions below:

  • To get the group booking on American Airlines, there should be 10 people.
  • The one-time free name change is allowed but within 48 hours.
  • You can book the flight for upto 11 months to 48 hours before your schedule departure.
  • The Airline provides the right to passengers to cancel the flight if the services are unavailable.
  • Flexible ticket booking is available for all customers.

To get more details, you can reach out to American Airlines customer service or go to the website to learn more about the Terms and Conditions.

Book Group Reservation with American Airlines

There are multiple ways to make Group flights with American Airlines, and here is a complete process you can follow to make the Booking:

Online Method:

  • Visit the AA Website
  • Then go to the booking section.
  • Select the American Airlines Group Travel option.
  • Now entre the details, and add passengers.
  • Then, select the round trip or one way.
  • Then, add the stopovers if required, or add the legs.
  • Now, proceed to make the booking by making payment.

These are the simple steps you can follow if you are choosing the online Method, and when you complete the booking, you will get the confirmation in your email.

Offline Method

If you face the difficulty with online method, do not worry as you can choose the offline method, in this you can simply call the customer service and request to book your Group booking.

  • Go to the American Airlines website.
  • Then you will see the American Airlines Group Travel Phone Number
  • After that, dial the number and listen to the IVR
  • Choose the one that says, speak with a Representative.
  • Now, request the Representative to book a flight.
  • Provide them with details and make the payment.

At last, when the booking is completed, the AA will send you a Confirmation.

Can I Get the Group Rate on American Airlines?

Yes. AA provides a special rates, the Airline offers the Special group rates on both the Amenities and the fares. Also, American Airlines has the Flexibility to fit your needs whether you are going for a small meeting or a huge conference.

These rates are available for:

  • Ten people in a Group or more.
  • The departure should be 1 or more.
  • All the cabin classes are available for special rates.
  • One world destination or any AA.

Note: If your Group is traveling with any Oneworld destinations within your two-day window, they should know the fee and the seat confirmation 11 months in advance.

How Can I Upgrade the American Airlines Boarding Group?

If you want to upgrade your American Airlines Group Travel, then keep these points in your mind:

  • Book a flight with higher travel class to maximize your awards.
  • You can use the Preferred credits for unique features
  • Go to the AA website to choose the higher Boarding Groups.

How Much Does American Airlines Charge For Group Travel?

For those who are booking group travel and it is confirmed, then you have to pay the AA Group Travel Fee. The amount of the fee is given on the confirmation of the booking, is based on the group you have chosen,

And if the booking is made less than 30 days before your departure time, then there will be no deposit fee, as you have to make the Full payment. However, you have to Pay:

For Economy Class$100
Premium Economy Class$150
Business Class$200
First Class$400

What is a Group Block on AA?

American Airlines group block refers to when there are 10 people booking their flight ticket with a special Contract and when passengers are traveling on the same Round Trip, and the payment form is also the same for all the flight tickets.

Will I Get the Discounts on American Airlines Group Booking?

Yes. By booking a group travel with American Airlines, you will get more discounts and deals on your booking. And this American Airlines Group Travel Discounts will help you in making your travel more reasonable and hassle free for all the travellers.

Plus, you can earn 500,000 Miles with all-inclusive fares on Vacation packages and More.

Does AA Provide Refunds For Group Booking?

Yes, American Airlines Provides the refund if you cancel the Flight within the 24 hours of your booking, the AA will proceed your refund Automatically. However, if you skip this time or cross the Window, then you will not get the American Airlines Group Travel Refund. So make sure to request the refund early.


Making a group Travel with Amrerican Airlines is very simple, and there are various option through which you can make the Booking weather you are making for small group or larger one both can be done easily. However, we hope that by following the above details, all your queries about American Airlines Group Travel can be resolved. Moreover, you can reach out to the customer service team to get help with your Booking.