What Happens If You Miss Your Flight For Allegiant?

Travelers may fail to board their flight due to any unforeseen situation. It will result in a miss flight and you will be unable to reach the airport on time. Allegiant Air Missed Flight policy designs to assist passengers in such situations. It will enable the passengers to rearrange their flights and cover their ticket costs.

This policy allows you to know how to rebook a flight and Claim for a refund. No credit will issue when you miss your flight and do not show up at the airport. You must be aware of the guidelines of the policy before take any action. Read the complete to get the important information on the same.

What Happens If I Missed My Allegiant Flight?

You must dial Allegiant Airlines missed flight phone number at (702) 505-8888 or +1-802-231-1806. You must explain your reason for miss a flight on Allegiant. Then, they will rearrange your flight without any additional cost. You can also request a refund or compensation when you do not want to rebook on another flight.

Guidelines Of Allegiant Air Missed Flight Policy

It is important to learn the rules and the regulations for the missed flight policy. Here are the points you must learn.

  • Allegiant Air will not provide any refund for a missed flight.
  • Passengers may get a full refund/reschedule a flight with the next available flight when the carrier is responsible for their miss flight.
  • One can easily apply to reschedule their flight with the help of the customer service team of the airline with ease.
  • Allegiant Air provides compensation when a passenger misses their flight due to illness/ any other reason related to their health.
  • You must show the related documents to the airline under the Allegiant Air missed flight policy.
  • You can even enjoy the benefits of the Allegiant Airlines flat tire policy.
  • The traveler also asks for compensation when they are unable to reach the airport on time due to a vehicle issue and has notified the airline in advance.
  • Passengers who are holding travel insurance on their booked flights are able to claim compensation.

How to Rebook a Missed Flight on Allegiant?

There are two methods available to rebook a flight when you recently missed your Allegiant Air flight and wish to rebook it. All the ways are described below; go through all of them and use one at your convenience.

Through Calling the Airline

You have the choice to directly contact the customer team when you have Missed Flight Allegiant Air. The airline offers various contact numbers for the same on its official website. You must choose a number as per your current reason.

  • Dial the number from your phone and consider the voice menu.
  • You will connect to a live person on the call.
  • Provide the reason why you missed your flight on Allegiant.
  • They will tell you the alternatives, such as refund and rebooking if you are eligible.
  • Choose one as per your suitability.
  • You must share the required flight information with the agent when you choose the rebooking option.
  • They will also inquire about the date/time/location/and the total number of passengers to proceed.
  • Pay the applicable fee for the same when needed.
  • The airline will send you a verification message directly to your email address.
  • You can check the details of your new flight.

Through Visting At The Airport

Passengers can also rebook their flight by visiting the airport directly. It is essential that you be available at the airport and have sufficient time to use this method. You can get in touch with Allegiant Airlines officials at the help desk and ask them to rearrange your flight. They will tell you to provide some documents at the same time.

It can be associated with your flight and personal contact details. After this, they will start the process to reschedule your flight with the next available flight. You must pay the penalty charges to the airline to confirm your new flight. At last, wait at the airport till the process has been completed.

How Much Does it Cost to Rebook a Flight?

Passengers have the option to rearrange their flight when they miss it. However, the airline will ask to pay a fee to reschedule your Allegiant Airlines missed flight. You will get the exact amount of the fee when you complete another flight. Similarly, the fee is not specified as it depends on the ticket type and the travel distance.

Selecting a location plays an important role. Along with that, you must pay a fare difference, if any. Passengers who miss their flight due to the airline will not need to pay a reschedule fee. Because the airline will rebook you for free in such conditions.

What is the Allegiant Air No-Show Policy?

If any passenger skips an Allegiant flight due to any reason and fails to notify Allegiant Airlines, then they will be marked a ‘No-Show.’. In this case, it is good to get in touch with the airline professionals as early as possible. Otherwise, the airline will put you in the no-show fee.

All your future and related flights will be canceled automatically as per the Allegiant Air no-show policy. It is important to avoid putting your name on the list of no-shows. Due to this, the airline enables you to rearrange your flight in some cases. The same is permitted after rendering the fee under the Allegiant Airlines no-show policy.

Note: If you missed your Allegiant flight, dial (702) 505-8888 and explain your reason. The airline will rebook you on the next available flight when it is genuine.

Does Allegiant Charge a Fee If I Miss my Allegiant Flight?

No. Allegiant Air does not charge any additional fee when you miss your flight. Allegiant will rebook a Customer on the next available Allegiant flight as per the Allegiant Air missed flight fee policy when a flight is delayed/ canceled for a reason within the control of the airline. You can see the charges when you will complete the reservation process for your new flight.

This fee depends on the type of airfare you have chosen at the time of the flight rebooking. However, you must also pay the difference in fares to the airline. The airline will not charge any rebook fee when you miss your flight due to the airline. The airline may offer refunds or partial refunds based on the circumstances surrounding the missed flight in certain situations.


It is really stressful when one misses their flight as it hampers the pre-planned plans and reservations as well. Panic and stress are always there whether you have skipped your flight due to the airline or yourself. The Allegiant Airlines missed flight policy comes into action to provide the passengers with relief in such situations. Please speak to a live person at Allegiant by dialing (702) 505-8888 when you wish to learn additional things about missed Allegiant flight policy.