How to Book Alaska Airlines Group Travel?

The Advantages of Group Travel booking are boundless, whether you are traveling for a corporate meeting, a family Trip, or A trip with Friends. For that, many travelers depend on Alaska Airlines for Group Travel. With the ever-expanding networks, the Airline Provides friendly and comfortable flight services.

So, Let’s check the Alaska Airlines group Travel options and how you can get the best services. Additionally, you will get the details for booking a Group Reservation with Alaska Airlines.

Know the Rules and Regulations for Group Travel in Alaska

So, before booking the reservation for a Group, knowing the terms and conditions is important to making a hassle-free travel. Thus, some rules and regulations are mentioned below:

  • The minimum number of passengers for group travel should be 10 or more.
  • When your plan changes after booking, you will get a refund.
  • When you book the reservation, but the plan changes for some reason, you can cancel your booking.
  • The Airline allows the name change for free before 72 hours.
  • You can make the changes to the base fare that do not include the tax or security.
  • For the group booking on Alaska, you can confirm the reservation 90 days before the departure for Central America, Hawaii, or Mexico.

How Many Groups are there in Alaska Boarding?

Alaska Airlines has 6 different Boarding groups, which makes the boarding process easy. The list of the group is as follows:

  • Group A: this group is given to those who are a member of Million Miller, MVP Gold 75K, Mileage PlanTM, Etc.
  • Group B: Those with a Mileage plan MVP membership or the Premium class seats.
  • Group C: Those passengers eligible for the business car holder or have a visa Signature.
  • Group D: Those passengers have a seat on the half back of the Airline
  • Group E: The Group will have a seat on the front half of the Airline
  • Group F: This Group is made for those Passengers who booked their flight on the budget category using the saver seats.

Also, these groups are categorized for priority boarding and Preboarding, including passengers with disabilities or families having an infant under 2 years.

What are the Benefits of Group Travel with Alaska Airlines?

Before booking Group travel, you must know the perks and Features of booking Travel. Some of the advantages are as follows:

  • The Group Travel feature is available for both domestic and International Travel.
  • Inform the Airline about the Travel for 11 months before to get more discount.
  • By filling out the Form, passengers can get themselves a group travel discount.
  • If the passenger misspelled the name, then they can modify the name free of cost for up to 3 days before the departure.
  • The passengers of Alaska Airlines do not have to pay the deposit prior to making a reservation.
  • Passengers in a group traveling together can get the same price for the ticket, which means all the passengers have to pay the same price. There is no partiality.

Therefore, these are some of the Advantages that Alaska Airlines Group Travel Provides. However, if you need further details on it, do not hesitate to contact Alaska Airlines.

Different Group Travel Choices on Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines has a number of group travel choices to meet the passenger’s needs, so, let’s find out what are the various options and which one suits you best.

  • Travel Individually: If your group wants to make an individual booking, Alaska Airlines accepts 20 people or more who are traveling to different places but arriving in the same place.
  • Travel Cooperatively: For those who are planning in a group, the airline provides a group travel program. This travel Program Provides amazing services and the best deals with the booking of 10 tickets in A Single booking Transaction. A minimum of 10 travelers travel together to get access to this program.
  • Charter Flights: These flights are for the larger group looking for a Cohesive experience for travel, selecting this option confirms that all the passengers will travel together than purchasing a separate flight ticket. A minimum of 15 Travelers are required.

Now that we know all the rules and regulations, we should check the Process and the ways to book a Group Travel.

What is the Process for Booking Group Travel in Alaska?

If you are looking to travel in a group and want to know the booking Process, then Follow the steps mentioned below:

Steps to book a Group Flight Ticket:

  • Visit the Alaska Airlines website using a web browser
  • Now go to manage my booking option
  • Tap on it and enter your booking details, such as
  • Number of passengers, dates, destinations etc.
  • Now proceed and make the booking payment.

After booking steps and making the payment, the Airline will send you a confirmation.

Book Alaska Group Travel at the Airport

If you are not able to make a booking online, then you can do it by visiting your nearby Airport. Once you reach the Airport, go to the help desk and ask for the agent to book your group travel. Now, provide the details and complete the initial steps. Now make payment and complete the Process. After that, they will send the confirmation.

Book Alaska Group Travel through Phone:

For help and to book your Group travels, you can also reach out to the Airlines using the
Alaska Airlines Group Travel Number, dial 1-800-ALASKAAIR (252-7522) or +1-802-231-1806 the number, and request an agent to book your flight by following the steps:

  • Visit the Alaska Airlines Website
  • Now, go to the Contact Us option
  • After that, find the number and dial it
  • Once the call gets connected, speak with a representative
  • Request them to book your travel.
  • Now, provide your details and follow all the instructions.
  • Make payment and complete the Process.

Once all the steps are done, the Airline will send you a confirmation. However, Alaska Airlines Group travel Hours are 6 to 9 PM the team is available Monday to Friday and on weekends from 7:30 TO 9 PM.

How can I Schedule Non-Stop Group Travel for Alaska Airlines?

Alaska Airlines is giving a Nonstop travel option for a group of people that are traveling in a group of 10 people. This helps group activities easily available for the group to book a single flight and travel together. Further, the airline provides affordability and amazing savings on a Group booking.

The Airline provides many schedule alternatives that you can select from the departure times and your destination to get your group members to reach the Airport at the same time. Additionally, the Airline makes the scheduling process easy to connect the Airline from different airports, which allows your group to travel together and save more cash on the booking.

Is it Cheaper to Book Alaska Flights as a Group?

Yes, booking a group. Travel on Alaska Airlines is cheaper; you can save Up to 30% or sometimes more than that while booking your flight for a Group, so yes, it is cheaper; for more details, you can call the Airline Directly.

Can I Get a Discount on Alaska Airlines for Group Travel?

Yes, Alaska Airlines provides Alaska Airlines Discount for group Travel for those who are traveling in A group of 10; for that, you can visit the website and check for ongoing discounts and deals, or even call the Airline customer service executive to get the details of the deals. The Airline provides Flexibility and security to the passengers and the airline is always ready to assist the passengers for smooth and safe travel.


Whether it is a business meeting or a Family Trip, traveling and exploring new destinations is always fun, so group booking makes the travel easy and affordable; if you are planning to travel in a group, consider all the details mentioned above so that you can make the hassle-free travel. Moreover, if you face any query while making Alaska Airlines Group Travel Booking, reach out to the customer service team and get all your queries Resolved. Happy Travel!