How Can I Book Group Travel with Air France?

If you are traveling in a group of 10, you can simply arrange the group travel in easy steps.

Air France is a top-notch Airline that allows you to travel with ease with your family and Friends.

The Airline offers amazing deals and fares on Air France Group Travel,

and adjustable requirements or Conditions as you require.

However, do you want to book a group flight with Air France?

If yes, then Check the details mentioned below and get to know the terms and conditions and the Process of booking for groups of 10 or more.

So, let’s quickly get into the details.

Who is Eligible for Group Travel on Air France?

Please read your region’s general terms and conditions when you purchase the ticket.

  • Check if your country is eligible for a group booking or not.
  • Next, if you are booking a group trip, there should be at least 10 people.
  • Kids who are at the age of 2 are not allowed to travel, and they will only travel in a lap.
  • Book the travel 11 months before for the best deals and discounts.

Ways to Book an Air France Group Travel

When you book the flight in a Group of 10 people, you can request a quote first and then start the booking process. Air France provides various ways through which you can make an Air France Group Flight Booking but first, let’s check out how you can request a quote.

Request A Group Travel Quote:

Air France allows passengers to request group travel quotes by visiting the website directly. So, understand the process by following the details mentioned below:

  • Go to Air France’s official website.
  • Look for the Group travel section.
  • Now tap on the Request Quote.
  • Now, a new page will open, and you have to fill out the form.

After that, you will get the group quote. If you agree with it, you can proceed with the booking.

Make Group Booking Online

  • The first step is to visit the website.
  • Then go to the travel section.
  • Now, press the Group Travel and fill out the form.
  • In the form you have to fill in your last name, number of group members, destination, etc.
  • Now, after filling in all the details, make the payment.

Once your quote and all the details are accepted, you will get the confirmation on your email ID.

Make Group Booking Offline

  • Visit the website of Air France.
  • Go to the Contact Us option.
  • Now, find the Air France Group Travel Phone Number.
  • Dial that number and listen to the Ivr option.
  • Once listening to the IVR option, choose to speak with a representative.
  • After connecting the request for a Group quote.
  • Then, if you receive the quote and you agree, then
  • Book your Group travel by providing the details.
  • Once you have the details, make the payment and complete the Booking.

Soon, after making the payment, you will get your Booking details and the confirmation on the email address.

What is the Group Travel Rate On Air France?

The Group booking rate is an overall customized amount that you will get while requesting the Quote. Here are a few major factors:

  • The Total Number should be 10
  • Number of seats available on the Flight.
  • Preferred date to travel
  • The average cost of the related fare cabin

Is there any age Requirement for Air France Group booking?

Yes. As the Airline does not allow all minors to travel as group participants, minors have to travel in an Unaccompanied Group. The Airlines require the age of at least 18 years old. The age of minors can be:

  • Below the age of 15 years old for international travel
  • Below the age of 12 within the Metropolitan

Other than this, the minor of age 2 can sit on the lap and will not count as a group member.

Does Air France Allow Groups to Sit Together?

Air France Allows passengers to sit together as a group, but there are a few conditions that the group has to follow. If the booking is done at the same time for all the members then the airline will allow you to sit together.

And If by chance you and your group members are not sitting together, even if you have made the booking together, then you can call the Airline and speak with the representative, and request them to provide a seat so that your whole group can travel together.

Is Air France allowed to cancel a single Booking of a Group?

Before making or after making the group booking, the main question that arises in our mind is whether the airline provides the flexibility to cancel the flight of any of the members in a group. So, yes. There is adoption of cancellation, whether it is for a whole Group booking cancellation or a single ticket.

However, if you want to cancel the flight you can, the airline will take this as an entire group cancellation. Thus, you may face a cancellation fee. And the Air France Cancellation fee depends on the type of booking and number of members.

Is it cheaper to Book a Flight in a Group or a single Flight?

All the time passengers may be confused about if booking done separately is cheaper or booking done in a group is cheaper. But note that Air France does not ensure that you will get the cheaper flight rate, but yes, passengers will get various benefits along with the booking. Also, overall Group Booking is cost-effective.

What are the Group Travel booking benefits of Air France?

When you make a group booking with Air France, you will get various benefits, like amazing fares, flexibility, and professional assistance while you book your flight.

  • The passenger can enjoy more time before making the booking finalize.
  • Air France allows the passenger to cancel their booking with greater flexibility.
  • You can add more passengers to a group even after making the booking.
  • Passengers can select the seat in advance with no extra fee.
  • The name change is allowed before the ticket is confirmed with no fee.
  • Passengers will also get dedicated help on the booking.
  • Air France flying Blue Miles or the credits you will get with Booking.

These are the benefits you will get on your group travel with Air France, however, if you require more assistance, call the airline and get the Help.

What are the Group Travel Booking Charges on Air France?

The Total fee of the Group Booking depends on various factors like your travel class, number of passengers, the seat you have selected, your travel dates, etc. Along with this, the passenger has to pay the Group Travel charges which range between $50 to $200 for both domestic and international Flights.


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